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Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by TIRO, Sep 23, 2002.

  1. TIRO

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    Hi Everyone,

    I have been using the Guru3d forum for sometime now and have seen it as an invaluable source to all my PC related problems. I wanted to start off my first post by saying thankyou to all who have posted on here.

    since registering sometime ago I have gained some valuable tips and have increased my PC performance threefold.

    With hope when I have gained plenty grey haired experience (not too far from that already) I will be able to offer help myself.

    Thanks again


  2. Ant

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    Hey thats cool man, just made quite a few peoples days !!
    Its all about people helpin each other, it doesnt happen that much nowaday unless peeps get paid !!

    Learn -> Understand -> Help
    Have fun

    (CHEESEY) :knock:

    Hey, i worked in basingstoke all last year, on the West Ham industrial estate nr the ice rink. How is it down there ?
  3. Martys Web

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    That is what we are all here for. This site is people helping each other out. By the way you made my day :}
  4. TIRO

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    hi thanks for the responses...

    It costs absolutely nothing to be nice, pity others don't follow suit. Anyway to answer your question

    I have been in Basingstoke approx 2 years now and living in the Chineham area, lucky for me i am only 5 mins from work.

    Take care everyone and look forward to more chats soon


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