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Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by bwx232, Dec 9, 2002.

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    Well, I have been visiting, the forums and main page just about every day since May until Osama1234 started a fight with me about my country in the Guru pub and then allot of people lost allot posts because someone deleted most of the thread.
    I don't know when it started , but a few months ago I noticed a "person" named s3R!4LK!LL3r started posting quite a bit, and he disagreed w/ me on every single topic there is to talk about, even basic things that I was trying to help out complete noobies with. This guy would just follow me around posting his disagreements with me. Finally a couple weeks ago I lost my temper and told him he was an idiot for something he said. The next thing I know I am getting PM's from Dave saying I will get permabanned for 'Flaming" people. Well, the only other problem I have ever had was when Osama1234- (nice name for a moderator!) called my president dumb to flame me, as I mentioned above.
    I have spent countless hours posting back and forth w/ people that had computer question that I knew something about and I think I have helped many people along the way. This is the first web forum I have ever been involved in as well, and I thought I helped allot of "noobies" out with many basic problems. I also had quite a few people sign up as new members here.

    I guess when I forum moderator Insults my country and everything I stand for it is OK, but when I say something about it, I am causing trouble. Hmmm, I see way too much anti-American bullSH!***T around here anyway. When you let someone w/ the name OSAMA1234 bash my country and then call me a trouble maker for reporting it, there is a real double standard going on here. I don't care if he SAYS it is his real name or not- it is uncalled for. Especially when a good percentage of the people supporting this website are Americans. Just rediculous

    I also deduct from this, that here at guru3d forums if you have a problem with someone who likes to try and get under you skin every chance he gets, and you argue or have a "lively discussion" with them, that is a reason for getting the big "perma-ban".

    I agree, I lost my temper on the one thread, but s3R!4LK!LL3r acts like a moron sometimes. I am sorry, that is the way I see it. I added him to my ignore list, but that doesn't help. I haven't even posted here in the last few weeks because I see way to many posts by s3R!4LK!LL3r that just really bug me, and I feel if I disagree w/ him I will be banned. So let me do you at Guru3D a favor and just go somewhere else a little less anti-American and where a Moderator is not allowed to insult the forum members. I believe I made a good contribution to this site, and just said what I believe too much.
    I'm glad America doesn't work like this website forum does, where you get threatened to be permanently banned for standing up for your beliefs and when someone is harassing you standing up for yourself. Man, I was mostly just trying to help out noobies. and asking a question once in a while. *C-YA*
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    Bye then (and I don't mean that in a disrespectful way).

    Oh and:

    1) If you have a problem with a moderator, go to any of the 20 other moderators or address another admin.

    2) Osama is his real name, disrespectful ? Denying him the right to use his own name now that would be disrespectful. Does the insanity of one individual really has to reflect to another person with the (partly) same name ?
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