Tested a reference GTX 980 against a overclocked Titan Black. Disappointing.

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    A reference gtx 980 outperforms a GTX titan black overclocked at 1300Mhz in every game i've tested so far, It also auto detects ultra settings for certain games such as fallout 4, dirt rally and just cause 3.

    It oddly achieves a higher frame-rate and a much more consistent performance vs the titan black. A card with 6gb of vram card which is overclocked higher than the ref. GTX 980 .

    During my testing i assumed the CPU was strangly giving a advantage because the GTX 980 was paired with a i7 6700k at stock turbo frequency. I therefore replaced the 980 with a titan black and installed the gtx 980 into my machine paired with i7 4790k.

    The results remained the same. The gtx 980 destroyed the Titan black in performance and framerate. Even with the gtx 980 set to a frequency of 1216mhz and 7000mhz ram. It performed better than a gtx titan black at 1300mhz in fallout 4 and grand theft auto V. Unbelievable!

    The performance in Just cause 3 with the titan black compared to the gtx 980 was abysmal. Overclocking made no difference and a reference gtx 980 with a 256 memory bus outperformed a titan black in every game which by the way has a 356 bus, a 1300mhz overclock and 6 gb vram.

    Fallout 4 autodetects ultra with the gtx 980 and low for the titan black :)banana:). At ultra settings it performs smoothly on the 980 while the titan black struggles on ultra preset. Dropping it to the high preset helps it perform acceptable.

    At this moment i thought of issues with the Titan black so i used a 780 ti overclocked. The results were mostly the same. The 700 series are forgotten to nvidia.

    After reaching my conclusion, i've learned that nvidia has completely abandoned its previous series (700 series) and that even a gtx 980 can obliterate a titan black overclocked. Also learned never to buy another titan brand due to nvidia butchering its performance for the next flagship series mainly in the 80's bracket... Does the 970 has this performance advantage also?

    I can only imagine how nvidia will butcher the titan x when pascal arrives this year. Will nvidia abandon the 900 series when pascal arrives as it did with the 700 series?

    More than likely they will.
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    I read somewhere that architecture wise, Pascal is just Maxwell with added compute features, so I guess 9xx series are gonna age better than Kepler.
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    Newer, more efficient architecture outperforms older one, despite clock speed, data width and "core" count advantage. This is hardly something you should be surprised by.

    It's also not some conspiracy. I got the same results when I switched my overclocked 780Ti for a 980 within a week of the latter being launched. Maxwell started out faster than Kepler and its only increased its lead as drivers matured.
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    Gee I don't know, but a 6%-10% increase from the stock TITAN Black to a GTX 980 seems about right. The 12GB is pretty much irrelevant in your scenario. I guess I could complain that in titles where SLI doesn't scale well, my current 980Ti just about matches my former SLI TITANS. What was your point and how did you learn anything by accepting your own flawed conclusions?
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    Well, yeah.

    It's not like every benchmark analysis out there already reached that conclusion, is it?

    I certainly hope not. I don't think they're doing it on purpose, it's just a matter of priorities. But I might be naive.
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    Sounds pretty normal to me, to be honest.
  7. dr_rus

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    Yes, NV will "abandon" 900 series exactly like it did with 700 after Pascal release. Meaning that they won't abandon anything at all.
  8. MrBonk

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    Plus it's natural to not support older hardware as newer ones come out

    I mean, if you bought a Titan series GPU. You knew and/or should know exactly what corner you are painting yourself into.
    At least with with the first couple of 'em.

    Also: Your standards for "Abysmal" performance are subjective and tainted by bias and hubris expecting an overpriced older card to sweep the floor with a newer less expensive one. (Considering the recommended GPU for Just Cause 3 from the people who made the game, is a GTX 780)

    As well not withstanding that every new AAA game looks to sap more and more performance. In addition to higher than base level (Consoles) and extra optional effects that go beyond the max. (Like Gameworks features)

    Look at the recent AC:Syndicate.
    With everything at max with extra settings enabled but without MSAA/TXAA, not even a 980Ti can hit 1080p60
    https://images.nvidia.com/geforce-c...a-geforce-gtx-900-series-performance-fxaa.png (With 4xTXAA instead of FXAA, Nvidia themselves said it was only hitting ~33avg in this scenario)
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    Hi there

    Really depends,if you do use PC for other than gaming then yours old Titan will be faster than new 980TI

    As is in Blender Cycles,where older Kepler is still faster than new Maxwell when you start to use SSS,I've done few test in past few weeks and in Blender Cycles with simple SSS test my old GTX780 is faster than my Titan X

    This has been case too of Octane Render,when older "Kepler" has been faster than new "Maxwell",then Otoy managed to optimize "Maxwell" and now new GPU(GTX9xx and Titan X) are fast as they should

    I've got at home MSI R9 390X which I've used for test and for my surprise,390X is faster like my Titan X in benchmarks,I've done two tests like OpenCL(MSI R9 390X) and CUDA(Titan X)

    Regarding the abandoning the older technology or older GPU,hard to say,but usually NVIDIA is abandoning their GPU faster than AMD,if you are looking at R9 series they still have great support and they gaining with every driver

    With Pascal if will be any Pascal then I can expect my Titan X will be in same situation like "Kepler",sadly that's truth

    Hope this helps

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    Well, isnt this an old news. They way its meant to be played guys.

  11. GuruKnight

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    It all depends on what scenarios you are testing really :)

    Older games with DX9 SGSSAA forced will somewhat favor the Kepler architecture.
    But then again Maxwell is so much more efficient at tessellation and doing higher resolutions, which is more important in today's DX11 titles.
    And I honestly wouldn't worry about early architecture Pascals at this point.

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