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    I've been using Nvidia Inspector for about a year and a half and for the last two months the temperature does not display after having the program opened for about 15 seconds. And since temps are not being read it automatically clocks itself at 405MHZ(Core) and 400MHZ(Memory). The weird thing is that the temps still show on other applications such as speccy and throttlestop. This is a problem for me because I used Nvidia Inspector to keep clock speeds high and not have to worry about throttling. My laptop throttles itself at around 60c-65c and when i use N.I. I can keep my max speeds and stay under 70c easily. Now I have this bug and cannot play games for longer than 15 min before frames go to **** and have to lower my cpu clock speed to 800MHZ just to cool my laptop back to under 50c so I can play at max clock speeds again :bang:. I used different versions of nvidia drivers and i realized changing power state 8 clock speeds will automatically give me a blue screen on newer drivers I know anything below and including 362.00 doesnt do that. Im not sure what the max is. Nvidia Inspector was my savior for good gaming but my last resort pooped on me. Sorry for long topic, but ANY help will be great. I kinda dont wanna mess with bios and brick my **** either. And getting a new computer is on the list especially with all this great hardware. I just want to fix this THANKS!:infinity:

    I cant post pictures because im new :/
    BTW: When the temp disappears its as if you double click on a box ex. Voltage and it greys out. try it yourself. But i obviously do not click on the temp box Lol
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    nvinspectors main usage is the extended game profile tweaking.

    use afterburner for monitoring temps. it's the best app for it.

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