Teclast X5 Pro M3-7Y30 12.2inch tablet

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    Another step towards a viable PC gaming tablet, on sale right now for £383.35

    It's a 12.2inch screen (1920x1200) with dual-core Kaby Lake with hyper-threading and Intel HD615, 8GB ram running Windows 10 on 256GB SSD;


    This one offers about 2x the power of the GPD WIN for gaming.



    Doom https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXakVUkMp28

    Another review https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ttw7nKUvg0w

    So, the performance is better, we got the 2x performance compared to GPD WIN, but, we still need 5-10x more power for a viable tablet that can play the "latest" games "decently". The gap is closing fast, though.


    Nice progress being made for 7-10watts. Interesting observation; the heat/cooling problem needs to be resolved to be able to take it much further. Lower-power (wattage) isn't that much of an issue anymore. If you watch the Doom video, you will see the guy commenting on the thermal throttling of the cpu (throttles down to less than half the full cpu speed), so, the igpu has more potential, but, the heat is holding the whole system back. Bare in-mind this is a passively cooled tablet.

    Still work to be done to tackle these issues, but, cool to see.
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    That's pretty cool! I wish Razer had enough momentum with their one tablet, enough to keep an updated version out...

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