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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Koldor, Oct 30, 2000.

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    I Built a systems up the other day and i don't think its runnig very at all, can anyone tell me their 3DMark 2000 score<BR>And The FPS in Qauke 3 and Half-life and UT<BR>Please<BR>What Could be the Problem Graphics CARd, MotherBoard or CPU ???<BR>My 3DMark Score 3000 shouldn't it be 5000 or something<BR>1280X1024 32bit color and everything on full <P>Quake 1280X1024 32 bit everything on full 20 - 35 FPS<P>My Friend who has a Celeron 400 with 128 of 100Mhz RAm Same Geforce2 and gets 40-50 FPS in Quake3 at 1280X1024.<P>Is the Graphics Card To so Slow For the CPU ?<P>HARDWARE<BR>--------<P>TBird 800Mhz@800<BR>Abit K7T-Raid<BR>LeadTek GeForce2 MX<BR>Standard 133Mhz 64MB DIM<BR>KingMax 133Mhz 64MB DIM<BR>GobalWin FAN<BR>10/100 NIC<BR>AWE 64 ISA SoundCard<P>SoftWare<BR>-----------------<BR>Windows 2000 Service Pack 1<BR>Via 4in1 Drivers from <A HREF="http://www.via.com" TARGET=_blank>www.via.com</A> <BR>via Cpu to AGP Driver<BR>Nvidia 6.31 Drivers<BR>Winfast Panel driver<BR>--------------------------------------<BR>Please HELP<P><BR><P>------------------<BR>John Howard What Joke !!!
  2. Check if you have an IRQ sharing with your videocard. This dramatically pushes down framerate. You are rigth though, your framerate should be way higher.

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    Make sure FSAA is off that will kill fps

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