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Discussion in 'Guru of 3D Clan' started by ceesay, Nov 27, 2013.

  1. ceesay

    ceesay Master Guru

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    2-X Titan X (Pascal) -SLI
    talkgeek EU bF4 Community.

    talkGEEK are looking for First Person Shooter fans to join us on the battlefield!. We are fully supported with website, forums, TS3 server & a Battlefield 4 Server.

    Our gaming community have been together a little over 7 years playing various games launching into MMO's too. Teamspeak3 server has a public lobby plugged into to the server its really quite cool, puts you in locked team rooms :)

    lon01.mainvoice.net:7257 Welcome to join and come meet us!
    We welcome all EU members and enjoy a very chilled out atmosphere on Teamspeak3. There is no bull**** rules we are here for the fun and beer. We would like to fully support a pro team if possible.

    Players of all skills are welcome!

    If you would like to join our gaming community for BF4 or other games please join our teamspeak3 server and/or sign up on our website.

    Let the fun times begin.

    http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf...4c2-0764c0670039/talkGeek-RUSH-INFANTRY-ONLY/ [battlelog.battlefield.com]

    http://talkgeek.net/ hope see u there ...:)
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