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    yes, I disbanded the T2 part of the clan. <IMG SRC="smileys/knock.gif"> <br>
    No I not pissed off or anything. <IMG SRC="smileys/eek.gif"> <br>
    I'm going to be lucky if I get any game time in over the next 2-3 weeks. <IMG SRC="smileys/mad.gif"> I wont have any time to do any member pages, admin stuff, and I couldn't hand the clan off to another member in T2, at least that I could find. Mantis putting up a dedicated server IMHO made a good candidate to also maintain the clan. I asked him to and he has been kind enough to do so. <br>
    <b>Thanks mantis.</b> <IMG SRC="smileys/cool.gif"> <br>
    My name change will occur again, I did that initially just for a better name, but bugmeister and bugsy will be going away soon. Both in clan games, clan membership and in the forums. I'm personally not leaving, my dog is not doing so well and I'd feel it in poor taste to keep borowing her name. <br>
    When I get time though, I'll be in.
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    Sorry to hear that your dog isn't doing well Bugsy <IMG SRC="smileys/frown.gif"> <br>

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