System Shock Reboot: live now on kickstarter, demo also available

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    I just finished Prey (2017) and got my System Shock kick that way. When played with immersion mods (especially UI mods), it comes remarkably close to System Shock.

    If you love System Shock and haven't played Prey yet, you should! It made me hungry for more and now I can't wait for this reboot to come out.
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    Arkane's PREY is great.
    And they made it as a spiritual successor to System Shock 2, as a lot of guys on the team were disappointed with BioShock's design was more of a straight forward shooter.

    Originally had different internal working titles, like "Typhon"... there was even a a title that included the word "Shock" in it.
    But, ZeniMax had to use the Prey title on something so the rights didn't lapse, so... it got put on Arkane's new project.

    It's a great game.
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    Good that you guys mention this. I bought the game a few months back, but i reinstalled windows and totally forgot about it. So ill give it a go again. :D

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