System Build ? - eVGA 680i or BFG 680i or other reference MB

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by foci, Nov 22, 2006.

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    2x EVGA GTX460 1024MB
    Please help me decide which MB to buy to build a system for my brother.

    This is what I am thinking:

    CPU: Intel C2D E6600 or E6700 (he does not want to OC)
    MB: eVGA or BFG 680i (I know that Foxconn builds this MBs)
    PSU: OCZ PowerXtreme 700W
    MEM: Corsair CM2X1024 6400
    Video: 8800 GTS (for sure)

    Both are reference MBs by Foxconn, I think. Are there any differences in performance/stability? I cannot find any reviews for the BFG, as of today, but there are a lot for eVGA. So, anyone with the BFG 680i MB, what do you think? He does not want to pay an arm and a leg for the ASUS, DFI, etc. MBs (also, he does not want all the extra bells and whistles that come with those MBs). Right now, the ASUS Striker is selling for $380!!! (Canadian dollars)

    Anyway, I need your help to decide.

  2. maxfly

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    whichever is cheapest is my advice.also something to look at in the fs/ft section there are some ddr2 800 gskill HZs for sale $250.its d9gmh.need i say more?
    edit:if hes not ocing it would be a waste of top notch mem.
  3. Tenkanisk

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    No offense intended but I wouldn't touch those Mobos myself. Foxconn has a shakey reputation with intel boards. They may make great AMD boards but some of their intels have been known to burn up literally. If he isn't going to OC why not grab a P5b vanilla, or Biostar t965 deluxe? Even an old Bad axe/Bad axe 2. Beyond that if you are only going 1 graphics card you won't need 700 watts. Try a 520/600 for a bit less on wallet strain.
    Forum telling you of tons of great PSUs and what to stay away from.

    You may want to grab an extra gig of RAM with the money you save from the other components
  4. TyrantofJustice

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    RTX 2080 super
    why do u say the biostar 965 is not a oc board it got plaenty of excellent reviews for being a great ocer for a dirt cheap price
    1 review site got it to fsb 500 stable and is 1 of the best 965 boards there is

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