SyncTimeout value for scanline sync?

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    Not sure if this should be in the Advanced RTSS subforum, but as I do not have 100 posts I can not post this there :p maybe someone knows the answer anyway,

    I have some amazing results with scanline sync when playing fortnite on my lightboosted 120 hz monitor @ 120 fps, no tearing no stutter and no motion blur + very low input lag if any compared to just 120 fps limit,

    just have a question, in my case, should i set SyncTimeout to 0,1, or 8333 for best result ?

    If I understand it correctly, setting it to 0 will not disable synchronization if framerate falls below monitor refreshrate, traditional vsync with low input lag? (but if framerate drops below 120 at any point, it will still synchronize and that can have negative effect on input perhaps is my thought?)

    setting it to 1 will calibrate timeout automatically and RTSS will benchmark or monitor framerate and disable the sync if framerate drops below refreshrate? (does this take up resources though? like cpu/gpu time and add load or delay maybe?

    and setting it to 8333 will be kind of like adaptive vsync with low inputlag for 120 hz, allowing tearing and disabling sync if framerate drops below refreshrate, in this case 120 hz/8.33 ms? (feels like this is best idea in my case?)

    Is this correct or I understood it wrong? Ive been reading about the timeout value here in beginning of this post on blurbusters forum:


    and am not really sure what would be best in my case for the lowest input lag and/or best setting to have it on in those rare cases my framerate drops below 120 or frametime exceeds 8.33 ms, I presume its best to set it so that it disables the sync if framerate falls below refreshrate, since in my case its used for competitive play in a FPS, my FPS is at 120 fps for a large majority of the time but if/when it drops, I wonder what the timeout should be set to for best effect :p

    hope this makes sense, thanks !
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