SweetFX Shader Suite release and discussion thread #4

Discussion in 'Games, Gaming & Game-demos' started by CeeJay.dk, Sep 30, 2013.

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  1. Xratecl

    Xratecl Guest

    If it was that simple. I would of tried it. But I'm not entirely sure what it's asking me to do here :uhoh:
  2. K-putt

    K-putt Guest

    Well i think it tries to load the shaders but can't find it. So try to put the SweetFX folder into different folders.
  3. Xratecl

    Xratecl Guest

    Tried Putting the Shader Folder | Files everywhere in the Tera Dir.

    Just keeps coming up with the same thing so I'm not entirely sure what to do
  4. Crosire

    Crosire Member Guru

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    I don't think it can be that hard. D3D9 understands shader model 1/2 shaders. The main difference is that D3D8 has no decoupled vertex layout, it's part of the shader handle. The hard part is to convert between the D3D8 vertex declaration and that of D3D9. It should do the conversion already, but something must be wrong there, I'm pretty sure that invalid call error comes from the D3D9 CreateVertexDeclaration call inside. I have no D3D8 game at all for testing, guess I need to find something which doesn't soly run on the fixed function pipeline.

  5. BenYeeHua

    BenYeeHua Guest

    How about the config name or something?
  6. Zomgerd

    Zomgerd Guest

    Could you screencap what your binaries folder looks like please?
  7. Xratecl

    Xratecl Guest

    I ended up passing out lol. I'll get that up for you right now
  8. Xratecl

    Xratecl Guest

  9. Marcel

    Marcel Guest

    hi all,

    please is possible add in to gedosato some shaders from sweetFX? Durante has only bloom, luma, hdr and vibrance in gedosato.
  10. Xratecl

    Xratecl Guest

    Well, I got a step Further i guess.
    Installed Boulotaur's Version of SweetFX without the Config.
    Tried loading up the game.
    Game actually tried to load but crashed before the movies started up.

    Checked the log.

    [02:38:51] Redirecting CreateDevice : successful (width: 1920, height: 1080)
    [02:38:51] Initializing SMAA (width: 1920, height: 1080)...

    Nothing else /sadface

  11. CeeJay.dk

    CeeJay.dk Guest

    I haven't taken a closer look at it (been busy) but I think it's possible to add all of them.
  12. Mirakul

    Mirakul Guest

    Any idea why does it not work in Wildstar DX11 (WIN7 64bit using SweetFX 64bit) Such a shame. :bang:
  13. Wicked_Sick

    Wicked_Sick Guest


    If look at it later, could you add a command to refresh the settings inside the game as we all do with SweetFX?
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  14. Zomgerd

    Zomgerd Guest

    Yeah I'm at a loss, I have no idea what the issue is. Everything is in the right place, it's even telling you to put it in the same place. :/

    Edit: I know this was not helpful, but there shouldn't be an issue. Though for future reference, you don't need the Dxgi files for none dx11 games. also the shader.fx file is not needed period. xD
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  15. Zomgerd

    Zomgerd Guest

    Because Wildstar doesn't like sweetfx in DX11. It doesn't work for anyone far as I've seen, works in dx9 only.

  16. Alo81

    Alo81 Guest

    I've got good news, I actually was just doing that earlier today! Weird coincidence that the first time I come into this thread this is the topic of discussion.

    I ported Tonemap, Boulotaur's Chromatic Abberation, Splitscreen, Curves, and dither so far.

    Someone on Gaf lead me over here because they said you had implemented a different version of Chrommatic abberation that might potentially be better so I wanted to look into it.

    So for what it's worth, yep, some shaders can definitely port over. Somethings aren't as easy as others, but it's probably possible to port most over.
  17. Wicked_Sick

    Wicked_Sick Guest

    Can you port the grain?
  18. Xratecl

    Xratecl Guest

    Well, I have a update.

    Logged in Tera today. Decided to ask if anyone used SweetFX in global. (Note, It's against the tos to mod. But if you don't talk about it, They don't care. So i was a bit sketchy to ask.) But, Someone actually whispered me back saying they use it. So I asked the basics. Asked them what version they had, if they split installed it, etc. After chatting with them i thought i'd give it another try. Even though I have tried to install that version (They had 1.5.1) with no success. Re-Downloaded it. Installed it thru the config like all the other times i tried. But this time i tried something different. Instead of Loading the Launcher up with the shortcut i have on my desktop. I went into the config's Game Settings. Clicked Open Folder. Found the Launcher.exe and clicked that. And guess what lol. It actually loaded up with no problems.


    [​IMG] -Without SFX

    [​IMG] - With SFX
  19. Xratecl

    Xratecl Guest

    -Double Post- :bang:
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  20. kx11

    kx11 Ancient Guru

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    RTX 4090
    is it possible to link SweetFX to a video capture application like arcsoft showbiz ?! so i could enhance the videos feed's quality and apply AA to it before taking a screenshot ?!
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