SweetFX Shader Suite release and discussion thread #4

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    I don't use it myself, but it works according to the reports I got.

    ReShade already has a FPS counter and a screenshot function (saves datestamped and as PNG when pressing the print screen key and without that stupid stutter workaround).
    It wasn't extensivly tested yet, but the games it was tested with Fraps did capture the effects applied by ReShade correctly, so that works too.
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  2. Wicked_Sick

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    Glad to hear (-:
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    What the f*** lol


    I'd like to delete this post. Before there was a guy spamming... Now that his post is gone, this one should be gone too. Please, adms, I didn't find the delete button...

    I wasn't double posting...

    I am not a criminal scum ):

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  4. evo161

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    I try take a screenshot on Far Cry 4 but its oly give .dds format , why ?

  5. kaicooper

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    hi there..could anyone plz link me a sweetfx sin city preset
    i would like to use it for L.A noir game

    guys about sweetfx new shaders..i heared there's Postsharpen and CA2
    these r new?

    any preset with these new shaders
  6. IddqdIdkfa

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    Kaicooper, check steam group, first comment SweetFX with all new shader
  7. smarteck

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    Here: http://1drv.ms/1dIWNzb



    Saludos. =)

  8. morbias

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