SweetFX Shader Suite release and discussion thread #4

Discussion in 'Games, Gaming & Game-demos' started by CeeJay.dk, Sep 30, 2013.

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  1. Scarecrow7

    Scarecrow7 Guest

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    HIS R9 280X / 3GB
    Dude, ReShade already support Windows 8.1:

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  2. kx11

    kx11 Ancient Guru

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    RTX 4090
    it didn't work with me , i must have missed something
  3. Wicked_Sick

    Wicked_Sick Guest

    I know that, Scarecrow Seven. The thing is that it isn't released yet and may not be until next month. So, I will not wait suffering using a OS that I hate, lol I formated my PC, switching back to W7.

    Besides, GEMfx works fine with Dragon Age Inquisition (DX11 and x64) have a lot of cool features. Perfect.

    It's like when I first found SFX. I spent more time messing with the SFX's settings than actually playing hahah I love this, there are no other term to put.


    I too have this issue with the "voices", Jay Pulowsky. Sometimes they torment me as this you mentioned "You are not using the latest" and more "The game isn't on hardest" or even the worst of them all "The game isn't maxed, peasant" ): Life is a pain.

    EDIT: What I didn't like regards the SS taking with GEMfx. It does that small stutter, as does Boulotaur's injector, when you press the buttom. It saves as JPG format, too. I'd rather have it in PNG to upload to places straight away. Or in BMP, even, so I can use an app called Fast Stone Photo Resizer to convert a bunch of ss, at the same time, to JPG in 100% quality, or some other formats that I will never use lol

    Other than that, I cannot hear the voices for the time being. So, thank you.

    EDIT 2: I don't hear any voices, I jest o.0
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  4. Lushfa

    Lushfa Guest

    Open GEMFX in-game menu by pressing "?" or "/" (left of right shift). Toggle with left/right key through the basic settings until you find screenshot options. Toggle up or down to the .bmp format and press "ENTER". Pressing prt-scr will now create .bmp files instead of .jpg. :)


    EDIT::I think I might be able to also add .png format to the options. The small stutter prevents (in a cheap way) taking 10 screens when you just wanted to take one.
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  5. TFL Replica

    TFL Replica Guest

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    RTX 3060 Ti
    That's awesome. I've already started testing GEMFX. Works flawlessly in AC4, and Alien:Isolation.

    Keep up the good work. :thumbup:

    Edit: I actually like the small delay that occurs when I take a screenshot.
  6. smarteck

    smarteck Guest

    Great news, I want to play that game soon...

    Im sure the new SweetFX will be great but GEMFX is really awesome too. :D

    waiting for that DX9 support. :kermit:

  7. CeeJay.dk

    CeeJay.dk Guest

    Ah, this SinCity effect was much like the one I had in mind and was working on myself.

    The monochrome calculation could be better, and there are a few things that could be faster/cleaner but overall it's a much better effect than the previous.
    I think I'll try to get my own done quickly so we can compare them.

    bloom * (1.0-color) + color; //should be a little faster

    Because (1.0-color) can be calculated while we wait for bloom to be calculated, and once you have that , then the rest becomes a MAD.

    http://www.wolframalpha.com/ can be helpful for reducing formulas and/or finding alternate forms that better conform to a MAD or DOT

    Just reduce your formula variables to a single letter and insert them into wolfram alpha like so : http://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=+1-+(1-c)*(1-b)

    Wolfram Alpha can also give the horner form, which is often the most efficient form - just use the hornerform keyword : http://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=+hornerform+1-+(1-c)*(1-b)

    Read :

    for more optimization tips.
  8. Bobert13

    Bobert13 Guest

    Another simple optimization tip I've personally found very useful is to express polynomial approximations in a particular variant of factored form.

    In the following example, "b" is the slope of a line formed between a point and the origin of a Cartesian grid. With "b" (or a variant form of "b" [either -b or 1/b]) it is possible to quickly approximate the acrtangent of the point at {x,y}. This is useful for converting from Cartesian to Polar or vice-versa.

    The approximation I found fit my needs best was this:
    (0.150823793*|b^3|) - (0.365087535*b^2) + (0.0*b) + 0.999819243
    note: (b ^ 1) was irrelevant to the approximation hence it's multiplied by 0.0

    Factored and reorganized it becomes:
    (((|b| * 0.150823793 - 0.365087535) * b) * b + 0.999819243)
    Which simplifies to one mul and two mads in HLSL:
    mad(mad(abs(b), 0.150823793, -0.365087535), b * b, 0.999819243)
    This approximation is within an order of magnitude as accurate as the atan2 built into HLSL though it's something like 9 less ops over the course of the entire function!! It's actually possible to beat the accuracy of the built-in atan2 approximation but to do so you must raise the order of the polynomial by 2 more degrees (as the abs is useless if you only go up one degree and it provides a significant improvement in accuracy for approximating atan with polynomials of an even degree).

    Here's the entire snippet for my fast atan2 (IIRC it returns coordinates in a different quadrant than typical atan2 as that's how CIE-DeltaE2000 expected them):
    const static float Pi1 = 1.570796327;	//0.5Pi	90*
    const static float Pi2 = 3.141592654;	//Pi	180*
    const static float Pi3 = 4.712388980;	//1.5Pi	270*
    const static float Pi4 = 6.283185307;	//2Pi	360*
    float4 fatan2(float4 y : TEXCOORD0, float4 x : TEXCOORD1) : SV_TARGET
    	// determine the best slope to input into our arctangent approximation.
    	bool4 slope = (abs(y) < abs(x));
    	float4 Y = slope ? -y : x; //inverting the sign of y here saves us from having to invert fatan later as all results returned by (slope=true) require subtracting fatan from some fraction of Pi.
    	float4 X = slope ? x : y;
    	float4 b = Y/X;
    	// approximate arctangent.
    	float4 fatan = mad(mad(abs(b), 0.150823793, -0.365087535), b * b, 0.999819243);
    	// determine what fraction of Pi to use as a baseline.
    	float4 quad = slope ? ((x < 0.0) ? Pi3 : Pi1) : (y < 0.0) ? Pi2 : ((x < 0.0) ? 0.0 : Pi4);
    	// return quadrant +/- fatan
    	return mad(b, fatan, quad);

    As far as how I came up with that approximation... It took me something like 3 weeks of pecking at it using this handy-dandy Online NonLinear Least-Squares Regression Calculator and OpenOffice Calc along with Desmos Graphing Calculator and god-knows-what-else... It's still not "perfectly tuned" for least possible maximum error though.
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  9. Scorpio82Co

    Scorpio82Co Guest

    well.. i have win 7 x64.. maybe is that.. but i made it work the gem fx with a clean installation.
  10. Scorpio82Co

    Scorpio82Co Guest

    i cant make it work with Splinter Cell® Blacklist™ and bioshock infinite

  11. kx11

    kx11 Ancient Guru

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    RTX 4090
    i installed it clean like this


    still nothing
  12. Scorpio82Co

    Scorpio82Co Guest

    its weird....i hope to help you in anyway soon..

    im trying in other apps (sc, bioshock,max payne 3) without succed

    but in this....its very awesome!!







    the problem in this game is my sli config not work
  13. Super1

    Super1 Guest


    why when I use sweetfx or gemfx in watch dogs the entire screen become very bright ? and how do I fix that issue ?

  14. evo161

    evo161 Guest

    I try take a screenshot on Far Cry 4 but its oly give .dds format , why ?
  15. smarteck

    smarteck Guest

    I have the same problem :/

    Anyone know the reason?


  16. Lushfa

    Lushfa Guest

    Its an issue with some sweetFX(and other) algorithms in combination with some consol ports. Easy to fix but needs to be implemented. (already fixed that for previous GEM test on Win7 when watch dogs was released)

    However, have to wait for when I can actually have my real system (with 64 bit support) back ...
  17. ivanosky

    ivanosky Active Member

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    NVIDIA RTX 3060
    For those who are using the Reshade closed beta, does it work alongside MSI Afterburner's OSD on 64 bit games?
  18. Arioch

    Arioch Guest

    I got SweetFX working using RadeonPro on Windows 8.1 but get a weird issue when using it in World of Warcraft. Anytime I click the left or right mouse button it seems to toggle SweetFX off and when I release the button it re-enables itself. I don't have anything specific mapped to those mouse buttons so I am not sure why it is doing this.

    Anyone ever seen this issue and know how to resolve it?
  19. Scorpio82Co

    Scorpio82Co Guest

    i found it.. try to remove the dxgi32.dll and 64 libraries.. i think that will create conflicto to make it work the gem fx.. i hope so!!
  20. Mike Gous

    Mike Gous Guest

    I wonder if it would be difficult to include a Frames Per Second counter in the new SweetFX like we have in Fraps.

    Fraps gives problems with many games. In some cases you must 1st start the game and then Alt+Tab to activate Fraps. In cases like this the screenshots that Fraps take is not the true picture that you see in the game (i.e. with SweetFX activated). In other words Fraps complete ignores the fact that SweetFX is activated and just takes an ordinary picture.

    Maybe a printscreen button in SweetFX could fix this problem.

    These are only suggestions so do not take it serious. :)
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