SweetFX Shader Suite release and discussion thread #4

Discussion in 'Games, Gaming & Game-demos' started by CeeJay.dk, Sep 30, 2013.

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  1. ninjafada

    ninjafada Guest

    CeeJay.dk will you add the colorblind shader even if it's not perfect it helps a little for some users
  2. ivanosky

    ivanosky Active Member

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    NVIDIA RTX 3060
    Does someone know anything about the filmic smaa used in COD:AW?
    This is one of the best looking AA techniques I've seen with almost no performance hit.
    Could it be added to Reshade?
  3. CeeJay.dk

    CeeJay.dk Guest


    We don't need single pass - if double pass is more efficient then I say go with that. But include it anyway so I can study it.
    I also need to change some of my own shaders to run two pass so they will be more efficient - this also might also give me an oppertunity to use stencilling on them so I don't process all pixels but only the necessary pixels.
    For example I can skip processing fully white or fully black pixels as these cannot be sharpened further.

    A new bloom would be great .. the one currently in 1.5.1 is not all that good and it's really slow.

    I was thinking that the right way would be to run a pass at half the resolution (for performance reasons) and use that to accumulate the bright pixels .. by using a smoothstepped threshold.

    Then blur that using two passes .. horizontal and vertical blur using linear sampling - btw I believe this can be done with bilinear as well to save an extra texture fetch.
    These could possibly also use mipmapping to make it go even faster.
    Then the resulting blurred light could be added back at full resolution.

    Mipmapping every frame however also takes some performance so this must be taken into account - at least for the buffers that update each frame. For the static textures there is no performance hit .. only the slightly higher GPU memory usage.

    Just mipmapping in itself can also be made to look good if you blur it a bit - here is a shadertoy that does that : https://www.shadertoy.com/view/Ms2Xz3

    For the SinCity / Selective color / Chromakey effect, I think the current one out there is not that great.

    What I'm planning to do is to convert to a more appropriate color space like HSV, HSB or HCY and then calculate the euclidian distance (pythagoras) from the current color to the target color and use that distance to lerp between monochrome and the current color .. probably with a smoothstep in somewhere so the transition is smooth.

    There are some efficient color space transforms at :
  4. CeeJay.dk

    CeeJay.dk Guest

    I think the problem is that no one is able.

    Other people have gotten it to work with RadeonPro, so maybe if you asked in the RadeonPro support thread? It's also here on Guru3D.

    Meanwhile Crosire and I will keep working on ReShade and SweetFX 2.0 which I'm sure will work for you.

  5. CipherHD

    CipherHD Guest

    Any chance that ReShade will be released before December?

    I am DYING to use it.

    Also what are the differences between ReShade and SweetFX 2.0?

  6. Crosire

    Crosire Member Guru

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    ReShade and SweetFX are two totally different things. ReShade is the injector and toolset to make postprocessing and cross-API shaders etc. possible, while SweetFX 2.0 is the shadercollection that makes use of ReShade to do magic (which is why we work together: to maximize awesomness).

    Open beta will be out before the end of the year, cannot guarantee to publish in November though.
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  7. Wicked_Sick

    Wicked_Sick Guest

  8. Marty McFly

    Marty McFly Guest

    Here's the sin city effect for SweetFX:


    I tried to make the style the same like the other includes; control values are inside the file. This shader is not by me, it's by prod80 (topic for this effect) but I hold the permissions to use his shaders in MasterEffect; if needed I can ask him if he's fine with use in SweetFX, too.

    Concerning bloom, mine uses 5 passes.
    First pass applies box blur with thresholding. Output is fullscreen.
    Second pass applies bigger multidirectional blur. Output is 1/2 screensize (needed to use 960x540 instead of BUFFER_WIDTH*0.5 since ReShade doesn't support math inside these declarations yet).
    Third pass applies rotated multidirectional blur. Output is 1/4 screensize.
    Fourth and Fifth pass apply a 22 tap H/V gaussian blur and keep the 1/4 screensize.
    For blending with original image I decided to merge output of pass 3 and pass 5. Came up with a blending algorithm that doesn't produce pure whites to easily and preserves bloom color better than simply adding it, color= 1- (1-color)*(1-bloom);
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  9. Scorpio82Co

    Scorpio82Co Guest

    Gem FX 1.0.1

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    only i can say is the enb series of dx11!!.. i hope this tool made in conjuntion in this world of injectors.. reshade and more!!
  10. Scarecrow7

    Scarecrow7 Guest

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    HIS R9 280X / 3GB
    Yeah, I tested prod80's shader within SerenityENB and it is amazing.
    Good job dude, this will fit SweetFX nicely.

  11. Scorpio82Co

    Scorpio82Co Guest

    Gem FX 1.0.1

    there are some others



  12. Matsilagi

    Matsilagi Guest

    Its funny how i predicted that when i first told Marty about ReShade.

    I said that competition had came to town, guess he will be 2spooked for what's to come.
  13. Anarion

    Anarion Ancient Guru

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    GeForce RTX 3060 Ti
    Wait wait... Shader injector with triple buffered v-sync support that works with 64-bit apps is soon becoming reality? DX10/11 support for triple buffered v-sync and I would be extremely happy.
  14. Wicked_Sick

    Wicked_Sick Guest

    The worst thing that I did, was to install W8.1. How I hate this OS, my god...
  15. Marty McFly

    Marty McFly Guest

    Feel with you, bro. My tablet has it, although I must say if you don't use it for games/serious applications, it's quite good but if you are anything else besides a multimedia user, you're pretty much ****ed.
    Oh and every user of my newest ENB config seems to use Win8/8.1 and the newest ENB version produces crashes and blackscreens on it and of course, I am blamed for that.

    @Topic: In light of the latest ACDC album release...

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  16. Wicked_Sick

    Wicked_Sick Guest

    I can't wait for the realease. I am going back to Seven right now. I wonder what I was thinking when I decided that it would be a good ideia to use W8.1...
  17. JPulowski

    JPulowski Guest

    Yeah, I do feel you unfortunately. I have this weird "must-have-the-latest-version" disease and it caused me to upgrade to 8.1. Just switched back to 7 a couple of weeks ago, never been happier.
  18. TFL Replica

    TFL Replica Guest

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    RTX 3060 Ti
    SweetFX is one of the main reasons I'm still on Win 7 (although I do use 8.1 on my laptop).
  19. Lushfa

    Lushfa Guest

    You could use GEMFX on Win8.1 for the time being :)

    After dx11 I am now also almost done with the dx9

  20. Marty McFly

    Marty McFly Guest

    Is there anyone who can solve this riddle? I try to find the center of bright pixel coordinates on screen (to determine the brightest light source onscreen). I came up with this code which SHOULD work but doesn't.

    float2 uv;
    	float weight = 1;
    	for (int r=1; r<=20; r++)
    		for (int s=1; s<=20; s++)
    		float2 indexoffset = float2(r/20,s/20);//20x20 test point grid on screen
    		float3 tempsample = tex2Dlod(SamplerOriginal, float4(indexoffset.xy,0,4)).xyz;
    		float tempgray = dot(tempsample.xyz,0.333);
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