SweetFX Shader Suite release and discussion thread #3

Discussion in 'Games, Gaming & Game-demos' started by CeeJay.dk, Mar 18, 2013.

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  1. ByblosHex

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    It was a joke. Hence the tongue. :p
  2. krpetrov

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    CeeJay.dk what do you think about "Mantle" the directx replacement, anounced with R9 290X? Will Sweetfx be applieable to it?
  3. K-putt

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    There isn't even an SDK for Mantle yet.
  4. Wanny

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  5. Zomgerd

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    He's already stated that it's not a big issue for him yet as Win 8.1 is not officially released.
  6. anyone got some nice sweetfx settings for shadow warrior?
  7. K-putt

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  8. thanks , btw anyon got a proper AA flag for this game been lookin everywhere for one :3eyes:
  9. K-putt

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    I don't think there is any.
  10. N1GhTW4lK3R

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    Any tips for Hide Weapon in SW?

  11. apoklyps3

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  12. jim2point0

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  13. N1GhTW4lK3R

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  14. Zomgerd

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  15. CeeJay.dk

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    Crosire told me a few hours ago that he is nearing a useable alpha version.
    Once he's made a semi-working version I'll start porting the SweetFX effects over to it - starting with the simpler ones, so we can quickly get to a point where we can release a useable beta version.

    Actually Crosire told he had an idea of how it could be done.
    That said .. the focus is on the Windows version for now. Once that is working and the DirectX versions are working, then who knows.

    I really don't want to end up with another half-finished injector.. I'd rather have one finished and working, then several that are not.

    Well not replacement - rather a low-level alternative.
    I think it's exciting in term of the possibilities it opens up for developers.
    The more hard-core developers (like f.x John Carmack ) have been asking for years for a more low-level way to access the hardware, and now it's coming.
    That's very exciting.

    On the other hand a new API that no one yet knows how to code for, that will only run (at least in the beginning) on the Radeon HD 7000 series and newer and only on Windows (so far), will have a very small userbase that can use it and so won't be that attractive for developers.
    But hopefully AMD will make it available on more cards and on Linux and Mac as well, and Nvidia and Intel will follow up with support.

    But one could fear that instead of supporting AMDs new initiative to bring a low-level API to PCs, Nvidia might instead decide to work against it, or introduce their own competing Nvidia-only API .. which will only fragment the userbase, and keep it from reaching levels where it becomes worthwhile for the majority of developers.

    Hopefully that wont happen or it might end up as a novelty like PhysX - useful only to some gamers but not the rest, and not used for anything serious.

    Now will it be possible to apply post-processing effect to Mantle games?
    I think that is very probable given that low-level access usually means access to more. However just like with OpenGL and linux it requires that some angel programmer creates a way to do it - and with the current situation where the SDK isn't even out, that is WAY to early to think about.

    I believe Boulotaurs version uses a newer SMAA version with different textures hardcoded into the injector which makes it incompatible with the version I'm working on that is based of the SMAA 2.6 version.

    Now I could port over my changes to boulotaurs version, but I'm not going to.
    Working a shader as complex as the SMAA shader is a lot of work and it would be thrown away anyways , when the new Injector(s) are ready as I will insist that Crosire use the latest version of SMAA.
    My time is limited and it would be more worthwhile to spend it on something else until the new injectors allow me to upgrade to the latest SMAA.

    Also it's not really me but Crosire that's working on the injector part.
    I only code the shaders remember?

    Anyways he says that part is already working (I have to take his word for it - I only use Windows 7 and XP) so when a working injector is ready it will have Win8.1 support.

    K-putt you have been consistenly churning out lots of high quality dreamshots and presets AND been uploading them to the SweetFX settings database.

    Don't think I haven't noticed.

    You rock!
    .. together with all other people that make great presets and upload them.

    SweetFX is just a tool .. but it takes skill and artistic sense to create some great with it, and there too many games out there for any one person to improve, so it's great to see dedicated people making awesome presets for others to enjoy.

    If you lack a good place to share stuff like this with the world then I suggest PCgamingWiki

    It's still awesome that you take the time to write these guides and help others.

  16. jim2point0

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    I think that's the ideal place to share stuff like that, actually. It's a pretty big list of useful stuff for screenshotting on the largest gaming form in the world. PCGamingWiki is much broader in scope. Someone could take all the info from that thread and move it over though. I'm just not that ambitious :)
  17. Zomgerd

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    Right, I do tend to forget that part, my bad. :p
  18. cant wait for opengl support wohoo , cry of fear and penumbra collection and amnesia definitely need some sweetfx lovin, hell even afraid of monsters could use some

    btw anyone got sweetfx settings for guacamelee, couldnt help but wonder what can be done for the game ever since checking out kputts tweaks exspecially his rayman legends sweetfx setting wich is the best :)

    then ive got a couple more requests as follow if its not too much trouble :)

    costume quest



    gone home

    Hell Yeah Wrath of the Dead Rabbit


    Really Big Sky

    Unreal Tournament 2004 more specifically for a mod called out of hell

    just a couple :)
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  19. apoklyps3

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    Thanks for the answers CeeJay.dk
  20. Wanny

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    Did Boulotaur2024 ever released a faster version of his Gaussian Shader? I'm kinda a big fan of it and I would like to have a faster Unsharp mask. When you apply a very very tiny amount of it, it can improve things to flat games.
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