SweetFX Shader Suite release and discussion thread #3

Discussion in 'Games, Gaming & Game-demos' started by CeeJay.dk, Mar 18, 2013.

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  1. WonderCake

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    First Sweetfx wip and impressions.

    Hey everybody! I pretty new to sweetfx (not really, I've been using for a while), and I wanted share my first Sweetfx settings for Far Cry 3. I also want to see some impressions and some tips/things I can change with the settings. Please remember that this is my first setting. Its not a big change, but it is a improvement to the game.


  2. WonderCake

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  3. Elajitz

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    GeForce RTX 4090
    Yea its still same after 8h :/

  4. Marll

    Marll Guest

    I'm using SweetFX with World of Warcraft. Does anyone know a good way to prevent the text in the chat window from looking blurry/wobbly? Everything else is looking great, but the text is quite distracting.

    Any help is appreciated!
  5. Zomgerd

    Zomgerd Guest

    I know.. If it isn't coming back it isn't coming back, though with the recent changes the site I doubt it's done. xD

    Have you tried turning SMAA off?
  6. Kuldebar

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    Also, consider using http://sfx.thelazy.net/games/ for SweetFX Profiles for games.

    Edit: DOH! Just saw this:

    And, it's still down :(
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  7. conan2k

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    Most probably you have enabled SMAA along with LumaSharpen under DX9. If that's the case, switching WoW to DX11 and using Boulotaur2024's DX10/11 injectors should help to reduce the visibility of the issue considerably.

    You might want to read this post for details:
  8. WonderCake

    WonderCake Guest

    Oh! Sorry, idk why the first image doesn't work, but the second one does :)
  9. Both aren't working for me.

  10. WonderCake

    WonderCake Guest

    Hmm, i'll try and post my settings on the settings database.
  11. flafera

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    DC Universe

    its too bright on day time though,still learning it.
  12. r3dfield

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  13. My last AC3 config

    So I made another(my last) config for AC3. Yeah I'm going to move on after this.

    This one is not so 'subtle' and has a more noticeable difference.



    Large images here:
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  14. Marll

    Marll Guest

    WoW is running in DX11 for me, or at least it says that it is. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. I can confirm though that if I enable AA in game to anthing other than 1x I get a nearly immediate CTD.

    I downloaded the Boulotaur's version and placed the dlls from the SweetFX64 folder in the main install directory for WoW and then used Configurator to make the adjustments. Everything else looks great but the text in the chat window (only) looks really "off".

    Should I make sure that no other SweetFX dlls are present even under the SweetFX subdirectory? When I unpacked the zip file there were a couple of folders, one of which was marked as SweetFX64 with a readme that says to put the files in the root folder for 64 bit support.
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  15. Zomgerd

    Zomgerd Guest

    Up now. :p
  16. Marll

    Marll Guest

    Also, has anyone ever used SweetFX with Lord of the Rings Online? I tried it last night and it doesn't seem like it works, not sure if it needs a split install or something perhaps?
  17. Hi everyone, I was about to quote everyone but I think I'll try to sum up everything :

    About the new injector being "lighter" on effects for DX9 : I believe you, there must be something different between the two if 3 different people notice the same thing. Unfortunately I'm unable to reproduce the issue; I even used the config posted here with Ninjafada image viewer and a random screenshot, took screenshots from both injectors (using the native screenshot feature for both) and quickly flipped between the two with Windows Image Viewer, still no differences. I'm tired though, but still... I don't know why not post a lossless bmp that I can actually load in Ninjafada image viewer, compare the output and reproduce the issue at once...

    I didn't mention about it in the change log simply because I had no idea there was a difference and no one reported about it either last time I released the DX9 injector (link should still be working if you want to test and report whether the issue was there already at the time of release)

    Yes the delay when toggling on/off the injector is longer than it was, it's intended actually : I made the timing looser so that it no longer misses the frame capture hook like it did on NFS Most Wanted (try it with Mr Haandi's to see what I'm talking about : sometimes nothing happens until you press PAUSE three times or more)

    Crashes related to logging : I'm working on it, I've mostly solved the issue by not locking the 'log.log' file, it shouldn't crash anymore but the output may be messy since both the d3d9 and the dxgi DLL are opening and concurrently writing to the file, not a big deal though, it just won't look pretty :|

    Implementing an OSD UI for settings : sorry but no, it would take me years to do that both for DX9 and for DX10/11, you can ask access to the source-code and try to implement it yourself though, no problem.

    SMAA S2X/T2x : SMAA T2x is impossible to implement in an injector AFAIK, you really need access to the engine to do that. S2X could be possible apparently but I need more in-depth information about the implementation and Mr "I won't release the source-code to help people not reinvent the wheel and play Go instead" Haandi's explanations are vague to say the least. Maybe ask Jorge Jimenez himself, maybe.

    Yes I will also separate SMAA from the other shaders for DX9 like I did for DX10/11, it's just a matter of hours hopefully.

    Warframe does work in 64 bits, just tried it, looks good. I noticed the screenshots are dumped in the launcher folder (ie. windows desktop). I fixed it now they should be dropped in the executable directory instead.

    By the way I intend to keep on developing with the KB2670838 update installed now that the code has been adapted to work with it, so no more "KB-less" releases for me : hopefully it should also work for those that had it removed (hopefully).
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  18. master2k8

    master2k8 Guest

    i wonder why Bouotaur and Cjay.dk not working together on one and the same injector since whats in 1 missing have the other injector
    (seperated AA with DX 9 SweetFX1.4) working but not for DX10/11 yet,
    and as I understand that exactly the same thing not working yet on "Boulotaurs" Injector.. but maybe i'm messing things up and mixing things together whatever :) I'm also curious why there are it seems 2 "Branches" what is absolutly uneccesary. (but it could be that i mix things up ... because ive no overview who uses which injector and from whom or not from whom).

    SMAA together with the Lumasharpen thats acutally used is good together because it blurs edges like the way the Sharpen itself (gaussian blur) works to get "even better" edges... but i see no sense to Apply SMAA with any of the other filters beeing used. The acutal Problem is that SMAA maybe also blurs Text like in WoW and make it unreadable so using it
    together is again no real good idea.

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  19. r3dfield

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