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    Hi Guru's,

    I've recently got into VR gaming and have a good headset, fits fine really, but ideally I would like to use earbuds to relieve the weight of the whole setup and for general convenience.

    I've seen some good reviews of surround sound earbuds, but would like to know if any Guru's here have purchased any surround ear buds and can recommend any?

    Thanks in advance.
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    As far as you have 2 ears and in those 2 ears you plan to insert an earbuds, there 0% possibility of physical surround effect.

    So what you can do instead is use ordinary earbuds and apply virtual surround effect on them. Basically a decoy to fake sound to seem surround. Surround effects usually come with soundcards like "Dolby Headphone" in audio settings.

    In my experience, pure and clean stereo sound of decent open headphones will always be better than fake surround sound or gaming headphones with surround mess in it.

    If budget is not an issue, consider Audeze iSINE10. This is probably the best in-ears you can get.

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