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Summer project:Thinkpad 440p

Discussion in 'Laptops & Notebooks' started by anticupidon, Jun 30, 2019.

  1. anticupidon

    anticupidon Ancient Guru

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    Hello gurus!
    As I sold recently my computer and my X230. I found myself that all my computing is done on my Thinkpad X220, and my smartphone.
    But I need something beefier, and something which I can upgrade and swap parts, almost as an desktop computer, if you will.
    After searching the perfect candidate, I found that the Thinkpad 440p is the best laptop to buy in ...2019.
    Yes, you heard/read that right.
    This guide was like a Christmas gift, it is a geek's dream come true.

    So, I started this project today by buying a second hand T440p grade A+(fingers crossed) and a new T450 trackpad.
    The plan is to upgrade to a FHD 1080p IPS panel, 16 GB RAM and a i7 CPU.
    I will provide links and prices, and the progress of this project.
    I know that GURU3D is all about GPUs and desktop computers, but why not show some love to our mobile computers?
    Anyway, geeking off with this project will keep me busy until new hardware is released.
    Cheers guys,

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