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    I picked up a used stx and so far so good. I just wanted to check with others out there if i could be doing something better with my set up/ am i doing something wrong.

    I'm using it with a pair of hd598s when listening to headphones but I have a set of optical speakers plugged into the optical motherboard output. I've left the motherboard audio enabled and I've also plugged my rather crappy clip on microphone plugged into the motherboard.

    Not using the dedicated microphone on the stx has freed it up for listening to records from my technics SL-D2.

    So questions:

    should I be using the headphones in on the card? I feed the turntable makes a better use of it.

    is leaving my motherboard audio enabled a bad idea?

    To get this card up and running I used the xonar unified driver, was that the correct decision?

    I'm using window's "playback devices" menu for audio switch between the speaker and the optical. The xonar driver menu is terrible... BUT ill dig into it if someone recommends I do.

    Anyway, thanks for the input!
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