Stutters in Shadowplay, DXTory, Plays TV, Afterburner, but FRAPS is fine

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    Hi all. For a while now I have been getting stutters in the video captures done with Shadowplay. These are random hiccups with maybe a second or two (varies) in-between.

    This happens in Shadowplay, DXTory, Plays TV and Afterburner. I haven't bothered to try any more.

    I have checked the output videos in both WMP and VLC Player, and the problem is in the captured files apparently.

    The funny thing is: FRAPS produces flawless footage (60 fps at half size)! And that produces uncompressed files. All the other ones uses compression by default (as far as I know).

    So what exactly could be the problem here? Is there something bad happening during the compression itself? Is there a problem when writing (during recording) the compressed files to my other SSD? Has my overclocked (@ 4.4 Ghz) i7 started to act up? Is it a memory issue?

    I am really at a loss here, so any insight or speculation will be appreciated. :)

    Btw, the recordings were done with vsync on at 60Hz.
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    if FRAPS produces smaller files than the other ones. then it is using a compressed codec.
    but that doesnt matter actually for the situation you describe.

    the behaviour points towards disk speed. because larger file means your SSD has to be capable of writing bigger chunks of data per second.
    so you should check the bitrate of those 60fps videos from dxtory, shadowplay, playsTV, afterburner... and check if the bitrate is very close or above your disk write speed.

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