Stuttering when second monitor is connected.

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    Hey, I've had some issues since I purchased my new monitor and decided to keep the old one as a second display.

    Basically I'm playing any game and everything's fine everyone's happy sunshine and bunnies roam through my head.
    Then my game starts to stutter and the FPS plummets (sometimes just a bit but the stutter is still there, sometimes massively and the stutter is again still there).

    This happens when my second monitor has different sorts of animations going on. The main offender is when I get a message on skype. The icon in the taskbar flashes and my game starts stuttering.
    In this case I just get stutter and slightly lower FPS. Do not get me wrong, this is no small thing. It's extremely annoying especially since I play CS:GO a lot and I simply lose my focus most of the time when stutters occur.

    The secondary offender is when I play videos in my browser. I simply cannot play anything if I have a youtube video open on the second screen. I can leave the videos playing in a background tab and everything's fine. But as soon as I switch to the youtube tab my games go crazy. Massive FPS drops and stutterfest.
    Twitch is by far the worst offender. That thing absolutely cripples my machine if I'm watching a video on twitch and playing a game. The same rule applies, if a twitch stream is in a background tab all the lag is gone. My games are unplayable while having twitch focused on the second screen.

    So I ask you fellow gurus. What is going on?
    I need to mention that my main monitor is hooked to my GPU while the second monitor is hooked to the mainboard (to the iGPU).
    The reason for this is that I have one DVI port, miniHDMI and miniDP connectors on my GPU. My old monitor only accommodates for VGA and DVI connectors. My main monitor has VGA, DVI, and HDMI connectors. Obviously my main monitor is hooked to the GPU using DVI since it's a 144Hz monitor.

    Could this be the culprit? The fact that the second monitor is hooked to the iGPU? I'm asking this because I don't want to go and buy a miniDP/miniHDMI-to-DVI adapter and plug the second monitor into the GPU, only to find out that it makes no difference.

    Thanks in advance.
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