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    <text in bold is for those who do not want to read unnecessary stuff around>

    Since I see around a lot of people from both camps complaining about lovely and funny stuttering, I made new post where All of you can complain, exchange experience.
    Tho I care much more about AMD section, where some ppl will always throw mud on drivers even if they delivered diamonds.

    1st of all why it's more or less improved with HT off on intel? Because engine can't run 2 demanding things at same core anymore.

    2nd most of people blindly believe that turbo is miracle, it is not. Anyone who Turbo overclocks or does have in CPU minimal a maximal frequency... it jumps up and down.
    Both AMD and intel CPU will switch processes between cores and "should" increase core frequency before thread is moved. It should have seamless cache transition to new core. But that does not necessarily occur.
    (Causes Stuttering in less CPU demanding games.)

    3rd Thermal Throttling, It causes drops, but it's kind of minimal cause since You usually overclock and check to be in safe zone, don't you?
    But there is friendly little Power Limit for CPU and Chip try to stay in such boundary, It can be disabled/adjusted on many bioses.
    (That is main cause of CPU not holding maximal Turbo levels in demanding applications time to time.)

    What I know for sure is, that When I started OCing from base 3.3GHz and Turbo 3.7GHz UP to 4.4GHz Turbo, Stuttering got worse.

    I gave shot to have minimal and maximal CPU frequency exactly same 4.4GHz, no jumping up or down, no fancy power states.
    And I do not have even smallest Stuttering ever since.

    It was really annoying issue for me since I run 120Hz display and am used to fluid game play.
    And Yes, my CPU idle Power draw is 14Watts higher than for those who do Turbo OC. I personally laugh at such thing.

    Now I wonder what those who experienced and got rid of it used. (even specific feature from some manufacturer may provide hint for others)
    And what those who are still complaining tried to do to solve it.

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