Stuck with 7C37vH2 Bios with MSI X570-A Pro Mobo

Discussion in 'Processors and motherboards AMD' started by nvViolator, Jan 6, 2021.

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    Hello All

    Just wondering if any one else is having this issue, every Bios release except the 2nd release causes me Random crashes of various reasons and also system freezes and just has to be switch off and back on. 7C37vH2 is rock stable. Have changed Ram 3 times of different Makes all Ryzen tuned...?
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    My ASRock X570 phantom gaming 4 crashes on me if I run any BIOS that came out in the last 6 months on my 3700x. It won’t run my memory at the rates speeds
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    I had similar issues with my x570 Tomahawk. Before upgrading to my 5600X only the initial BIOS that ran stable for me. Since upgrading I'm only stable on the latest beta release, anything else gives random reboots under load (at default settings just with XMP enabled)
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    Have y'all gone and cleared CMOS data (your user settings) after updating the BIOS? If properly cleared, the system should re-train itself on next boot (flip on and off a few times). When it does this, go ahead and load optimized defaults.
    Try and test your system for stability at which point.
    If issue, and BIOS has a 'load SAFE defaults' option, load that this time, and reboot and re-test for stability.
    Either way, adding a hair bit of voltage to the memory voltage may help get your system stable. If there are random crashes, two things can do this, memory and power to memory/cpu IMC area causing jitter in signal (generally, outside of overclocking or dying or damaged components which you likely do not have).
    Also DO reinstall updated chipset and video card drivers, when you ever change motherboard or update BIOS if random crashes occur - don't ask - that's Windows for you.

    It's a shame my Phantom Gaming 4 blew up otherwise I'd be able to help with the one poster. Glad I never updated the BIOS on it while it did live (it lasted a year on my 3700x, then put a 3950x on it and it died in two months, bought an ASUS TUF X570 for 200$ locally and all problems like sata hot plug never working on the ASRock are gone). No experience with the MSI though.

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