Strange problem with my Logitech z906.

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    Sounds getting off suddenly while watching any content on speakers after with in 30 minutes then i have to restart the speakers on/off from power switch.Its happening from last 7-8 days.And everytime when i switch speakers from headphone from realtek driver via"choose set default device",it wont work.i have to on/off button of speakers from wall plus then it start working.
    I uninstalled drivers and latest driver many time nothing solved.Also want to mention when suddenly sounds gets off lights on speakers console stay on and Sound testing on realtek driver wont work.Only way to solve this on/off from wall switch.PC restart wont work either.
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    When powering the speakers off/on is the only thing that fixes the problem. it looks like the fault is with them.

    To be sure, install Windows from scratch on another hard drive and see if the new install has the same problem.
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