Story about HP Z800 and PNY Quadro 6000

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    PNY Nvidia Quadro 6000
    Hello everone!
    I want to tell you story how we bought new videocard Nvidia Quadro 6000.
    I work in building company in IT department, my position is Head Engineer.
    We have a designer, who has made different scenes, very large scenes, about 50.000.000 polygons , in last version of 3ds max designer 2013.

    Let`s speak about our computer configuration, it is :

    HP Z800 Workstation, inside you can find
    Processors: 2x Intel Xeon 5560 2.8GHz
    Memory: 24MB DDR3 RAM
    Chipset: Intel 5520
    And a HP Nvidia Quadro 2000, first video card which installed in PC.

    Do You know THAT if you are buying products by HP company, all components inside have to be produced by HP too, for example memory, power supply and especially video cards.

    For example, one day i bought memory for my HP XW8600, and it didN’t work, because they WERE made by kingston.

    Z800 is the BEST Pc which i saw in my life, and I thought, we won`t have ANY problemS WITH PERFORMANCE IN 3DS MAX during A long time , but i WAS wrong.

    And we were thinking, what we can upgrade in our PC, of course videocard. We chose the best pro solution by Nvidia Quadro 6000 at the time.
    But we DECIDED TO save our money and bought Quadro 6000 by PNY company,4250$ against 6000$
    Purchase didN’t IMPROVE 3ds Max perfomance,nobody cOULD help us. HP (because we bought PNY videocard),PNY,Nvidia.
    For example my letters to PNY

    I wrote
    Very low performance in viewports, when selecting, manipulating, moving. About 1,5 fps starting with 4.000.000 polygons we have the same problem when using Nitrous, Direct 3d, OpenGl Video card installed in HP Z800 We work in 3Ds MAX Design 2013 How we can solve the problem?
    Dear customer,Could you please give me all details that you have on the sticker 'PNY TECHNOLOGIES EUROPE ' which is on the card self ?
    VCxxxxxxxxxxxx Pxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Made in China
    Void if Removed

    Update the bios and chipset drivers of your PC:

    Hello, thank you for answer.
    Our details
    I flashed z800`s bios, do you have any ideas for making 3ds max work more faster?
    No there is no other solution sorry.
    Best regards ,

    But this was not so important, because after installing new videocard we faced with another problem - computer freezes.
    I again wrote to HP,PNY,Nvidia nobody helped us. We tested videocard on another pc, all good.
    No problem, no freezes. I thought that problem with PNY manufacture and HP PC.
    I reinstalled Windows 7 three times. All software are licensed and Windows 7 too.
    It is imposable to work with freezes and we return Quadro 2000, during 1 month new video lying idle.
    One day i met with man who helped me. He said, try putting PC case to one side.

    Big,heavy videocard was the reason which deformed PCI-E slot, i tried and now everything workS correctly.

    But what is interesting, performance remained the same, there is no difference between Quadro 2000 and Quadro 6000 in 3ds max 2013 designed ( all patches are installed)

    How i can improve perfomence in 3Ds Max 2013?
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    It shouldn't be any faster than a geforce card using the same chip - unless you're using iray or quicksilver. The memory of the card I'm sure plays a part, but not that much for performance.

    Even Andrew Kramer uses a 1.5GB GeForce 580 card in his z800 ws for 3ds work.

    And if you are doing compositing/editing work as well in Adobe, there is a really basic text file you can amend to 'unlock' the GPU cores for Adobe software to use - takes like 10 seconds and saves spending stoopid sums to get GPU acceleration. The difference in Adobe Premiere Pro is jaw dropping when scrubbin' footage.

    I guess I'm saying the money couldda been spent on a server/network render solution instead.
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    Sorry, I can´t give you a solution for your Z800 WS but if I were in your position I would take a look at their workstation solutions:

    Should be plenty of solutions that fit your CG needs.


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