Stop Win 10 from crashing upon updates

Discussion in 'Operating Systems' started by babylon52281, Dec 2, 2018.

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    "No" ;)...the thanks goes to the community (

    and most importantly to YOU.

    Stay Tuned!!!!
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    You are welcome.
    Just a thought: if your disk is SSD then instead of cleaning it in diskpart or Windows installer you can apply SSD secure erase.

    As for backup/restore software, you can choose from SW I am aware of:
    - Paragon Software Group products;
    - Acronis products;
    - Easeus products.

    I worked in Paragon for 10 years and can assure that company accumulated good experience and experts in file systems, partitioning and backup/restore. It may be not as huge as Acronis nowadays (being kinda a leader), but Acronis was founded by people (or one man) who worked in Paragon. And Easeus products was suggested by another gurus many times, so I assume it is good too.

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