Steam Weekly Top Sellers September 9th 2019

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    These are the ten top selling titles on Steam for the week as reported by Valve: Remnant: From the AshesStarLadder 2019 Berlin CS:GO Major Championship Viewer Pass + 3 Souvenir TokensThe Witcher 3: Wi...

    Steam Weekly Top Sellers September 9th 2019
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    2k20 so worth to be in the top 10 , is an excellent casino game , the decision to stop your gambling with some few basketball interactions is very puzzling thought.
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    So Remnant: From the Ashes sold well, that's nice to see. I bought it as well, it has an interesting narrative that's rather uncommon. In fact I can't think of another game that covers ALL those fantasy elements. I rather like that it's Rogue-like, but man the first roll I got made a really crappy starting area. I'm just slightly past arriving at the hub area of the game, and my enjoyment plummeted.

    The Aliens-like maps are just not fun, they're super annoying for me. They're ugly and uninspiring to look at, they're cheap rather than actually challenging (stat check anyone?), they break the flow and rules they were setting you up for, and manage to feel empty and spartan even with wave after wave of bullshit jihadists blowing themselves up on you from above a structure out of your view. I went from playing nonstop to completely stopping and forgetting about the game until now. I'm hoping when I eventually get past the next boss that I'll get past this ugly cheap CHEAP area of the game and get back to some fun.

    I should also note that this game is not optimized at all, the main starting area crystal room makes my PC crap itself and drop from 140 fps to 90 or lower despite the fact that there's nothing in there which should do that. In fact there's very little there, period. Is the crystal tessellated into 9999x the number of polygons it should be or something? I'm running on a GTX 1080 Ti (that's constantly holding well over 2GHz, that should put it in roughly RTX 2080 Super territory), 3900X @ 4325MHz, RAM @ 3.6GHz 14-15-15-32, fabric & mem controller @ 1.8GHz. Latest driver. There's no excuse for a 50+ frame drop in any modern game, especially in an area which has squat in it. I should note that I'm not using all max settings, I'm using medium shadows, and the effects or whatever the hell they call it (which includes SSAO) set to low to disable SSAO so I can actually get a high frame rate.

    Edit: I forgot to mention I turn off motion blur as well, I always turn it off, I hate that. If I wanted blur I'd have bought a crappy monitor. I'd really like to turn off depth of field but I have no idea what setting that's bundled into. I haven't noticed it in a while so maybe the same setting with SSAO.

    And that leads to one of my biggest problems with the game aside from a complete lack of any optimization; it gives the bare minimum control over settings. You can't just pick your AO type or turn it off or on, it's bundled into another generic setting which controls other things as well. This is a disgusting trend that needs to die immediately. I can't even manually change anything in the ini files because it's the same crap from there.
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