Steam weekly top 10 - October 12th 2015

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Oct 12, 2015.

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    Time for a new update, these are  the ten top selling titles on Steam for the week as reported by Valve: 1.ARK: Survival Evolved2.Counter-Strike: Global Offensive3.Grand Theft Auto V4.Fallout 45.Sid...

    Steam weekly top 10 - October 12th 2015
  2. nexxusting

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    GTX 980 SC /w EK-FCGTX980
    Ark sucks hairy balls.

    So poorly coded. Yeah yeah, alpha, I get it.

    Developers say that all the time now to avoid being called out for their shoddy code. Fact is this is a UE3 engine game so more or less anyone can do it, they still haven't fixed the FPS issues.

    I get 35fps at 1080p with a 980 clocked at 1550mhz. Backed up by a 5930k. It's sad that a game like this is still selling so well. They will be busy living it up and not fixing their broken game.

    I haven't tried it in months however, I bet it's still in the exact same state performance wise.
  3. sounar

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    EVGA 1080
    your right it still sucks hairy balls.....horrible performance still at the moment on my 980TI. I can only imagine how others are playing it on less powerful hardware.
  4. Aura89

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    One: It's UE4, not UE3

    two: you clearly have absolutely no idea what you are talking about when it comes to game development.

  5. Redemption80

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    GALAX 970/ASUS 970
    It's an an unfinished game, and optimisation alot of the time done nearer to the completion of the game.
    You're paying for early access and a chance to support an idea that might never be funded by the large publishers.

    Why would anyone pay for an unfinished game and then complain about it being unfinished??

    GTAV still hanging around and without any price drops, even on the PC that game must of made a fair amount.
  6. Fox2232

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    They must not have idea, because UE4 for now favors nV hardware a bit, and I had perfect experience.

    But one can still say it is not good value for price since I had 91hours on it. And There was nothing else I wanted to do. Why would I do 5 days of resource preparation to do 6hours of boring taming?

    They should have went Terraria way. Which is:
    To get better gear or stuff, you do not need huge amount of special resources, but is is challenging to obtain it.

    Terraria was about challenge, while ARK is about time. Terraria had in 1st release few dozens of weapons and about 10 armors.
    ARK has 3 armors and like 10 weapons where some like rifles/rocket launcher have ridiculous maintain price (repairs/ammo).

    So, if they manage to do overhaul and turn gameplay from time eater to challenge and diversity, then I'll have reason to return.

    But ability to build on rafts improved game a lot. They still can do it right. Or ARK will be remembered same way as other time eaters ("Online chat room with nice graphics").

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