Steam users may be able to resell their games in the future!

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by H83, Sep 20, 2019.

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    That's what buying a copy of a game means. You purchase a lifetime license to use it. You own that lifetime license, it's yours. And since it's yours, you can pass it on to someone else.

    But Valve claims they do NOT sell lifetime licenses to use the game. They say they are a subscription service that does not sell lifetime licenses, so that they can get away with stripping you of the rights you normally have when buying a lifetime license.

    This is what I mean when I say that digital stores like Steam currently found a way to get the legal benefits of being a subscription service but still enjoy the full revenue of being a store that sells full-price copies. They are the latter when it suits them, but claim they're the former when it doesn't.

    Origin Access is a games subscription service. We cal all agree on that. Steam, according to Valve, is no different than Origin Access and thus should be treated the same by the law. How they can claim that and keep a straight face, I don't know.
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    I see both your points, and i agree that there is nothing subscription based about Steam, but at the end of day whether they call it that or decide to call it a single user license it makes no difference to the person purchasing it.

    I'm not sure why Valve even calls it a subscription agreement as last i checked you do not need to do that to restrict the re-sale of digital goods in the EU. Might be a US thing...

    Valve will probably win the appeal, but tbh it wouldn't surprise me if this leads to changes within Steam.
    Anyone think we would actually see a real Steam subscription service, and would it be $100 a month due to the huge back catalog, or cheaper but with no access to new games.
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    I agree that Steam will win the appeal because it seems like to me that the French court system fails to realize how the sales of digital goods work and how different digital games sales is different from physical. I don't see Steam switching to an actual subscription base because that alone would alienate a good bit of their customers heck they have received flack from Epic because of how they pay devs and I don't think Valve/Steam wants to give them any more ammo.
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