Steam Summer Sale 2012

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    Well, I think my credit card is a little happier today now that that's over with! :)

    $12.49 The Darkness 2
    $10 Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Ed.
    $8.74 Mount and Blade Pack
    $5 Trine 1 and 2
    $5 Mirror's Edge
    $2.49 Dear Esther
    $10 Age of Empires Complete
    $16.80 CivilizationV and all DLC
    $25 Batman AA, Batman AC, Imposters
    $3.74 Torchlight
    $3.74 Just Cause 2 (gift)
    $5 Need for Speed Hot Pursuit
    $3.74 Bastion
    $10 Alan Wake Bundle
    $10.19 Dead Island
    $10.19 Dead Island (gift)
    $15 The Walking Dead
    $5 DCS: Black Shark
    $16 DCS: A10C Warthog
    $13.29 Saints Row The Third Franchise

    Should be enough to keep me busy until the Holiday Sale! :banana:

    Edit: Also bought BF3 Premium a couple days ago too as I thought I might as well.....spending this much already! I coincidentally have been working a bunch of overtime, and my holidays started when this sale started, soooooooo, I may have over-indulged! Ah well, back to work in a few days, and all is normal!
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    Managed to pick up Order of War before the sales ended for £1.49. Was going to buy Drakensang and Hydrophobia Prophecy too but was too late as I wanted to check them out on YouTube first.

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