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Discussion in 'Network questions and troubleshooting' started by kgb714, Jun 20, 2009.

  1. kgb714

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    For the most part of last week and this week I've had trouble connecting to steam. A few times deleting the ClientRegistry.blob file helped but not anymore so I decided to do a clean install including removing everything steam related from the registry.

    But now when I launch steam it brings up the updating box then the following error shortly after...

    I tried looking for the file Steam.dll and placing it in my steam folder but then another error comes up...

    I tried using steam support but they weren't much help. They didn't do much besides forward me some links to troubleshooting FAQs.
    Steam was working fine then all of a sudden it just started acting up. I didn't install any new programs. I've done spyware/virus/malware and e.t.c checks and all is clear.
    I haven't tampered with any system settings so i don't understand why Steam starts acting up. Windows firewall is disabled and the only other protection I have installed is Nod32. I tried disabling its protection but that didnt help either.

    It's sad that I need some buggy program to run games I paid for and have the CD.
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  2. deltatux

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    Uninstall and reinstall Steam. Sounds like a standard software corruption.

  3. kgb714

    kgb714 Guest

    I tried reinstalling several times and rather randomly steam started to update but that's no the end of the problems. It now updates up to 5% and stays there. I left it overnight and to my surprise it was still at 5% when I woke up :(
  4. deltatux

    deltatux Guest

    oh, the 5% issue. Try to find the exe version of the Steam installer off the Internet...

    That or reinstall Windows.


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