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    hi, i'm runing XP Pro SP3
    when atitray.exe loads on startup (registry option)
    i get:
     "atitray.exe - Entry Point Not Found
    "__CxxFrameHandler3 could not be located in dynamic link library msvcrt.dll"

    steps i took to fix:
    -Yahoo questions & answers referred to a known virus program. -.-
    -Googled - with no fixe's.
    -Googled the msvcrt.dll

    actions i took regarding msvcrt.dll :
    1. cmd rename msvcrt.dll
    2. cmd extract msvcrt.dll from sp3/i386 folder.
    3. regserv32 register the file failed, "could not be registered".
    (- after researching found this file legitimately could not be registered by regsrv32.)

    (i can't use sfc/scannow, because it demands XP CD which i don't have,
    changing sfc "SourcePath" in registry does not recognize my c:\i386 folder path)
    i've reinstalled Microsoft Visual C++ components but to no avail.

    I dug all the way to china...
    spent hours on hours, this error & other dll files that are depended on
    msvcrt.dll, and numerous websites (google first page search results)
    including MSDN with NO results

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