SSD obsolete long before TBW is ever achieved?

Discussion in 'SSD and HDD storage' started by 0blivious, Nov 3, 2019.

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    As I'm looking at going all m2 in an upcoming build, I was curious what people think about SSD lifespan. I think these drives become obsolete due to size long before the write limit (TBW) is ever reached. Seems the (often considerable) extra money would only be for speed, which seems like a Porsche/Ferrari dilemma.

    Has anyone ever bumped into the write limit on any old SSD? I'm starting to find my earliest, 120GB drives are basically useless now and they have a lot of life left. I can see 2TB drives feeling that same way in ~5 years

    My Intel 660p use:
    Here's what my usage curve looks like on my 2TB m2 drive, only used for games:
    Drive has 400 TBW limit (or) 400,000gb

    In 6 months it wrote 4210 gb of data.
    23gb/day // 8420gb/year at this rate

    To hit the 400 TBW in 5 years would require:
    220gb/day // 80,000gb/year

    It would seem I have 45+ years of life at that rate.

    TBW calculator
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    Yeah. With the Red Dead Redemption 2 PC requiring 150GB of free HD space, you just might be right. I guess the SSD makers have sent a signal to game studios to make the games use as much uncompressed data and bloat as possible to ensure people will keep buying new, bigger SSDs. After all, the SSD makers can't actually make the TBW too low because people would get angry and worried, so there must be other incentives.
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    My 6 years old 840Pro: promised 300 TBW. Now written 27.3 TB (condition 89%) So expected to last another 60 years. And as real tests for 840 gave some 1 - 2 PBW my could last upto 200 years or something like.
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    There’s a 4 TB nvme coming soon.

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    I've had older drives (not technically relevant anymore, just for historical purposes) like the Indilinx Barefoot based Corsair Extreme x64 fail on me. A few times actually. Also had them act weirdly, like losing their estimated life very fast, I don't remember exactly, but one of the drives I had lost like 1% life from 40GB of writes or so. That was with TRIM enabled, yes.
    The newer drives seem to have almost completely solved this type of behavior. On a 850 Evo I have which is rated at 150TBW, I've written around 10TB in 20 months. That would make it around 25 yrs of use? And if you read actual endurance tests, you see some of these drives hitting 2-4 Petabytes written for TLC drives. The 840 Pro famously lived for 9 Petas written. There is a newer test that did NVMe drives as well, and I think the 960 Evo lived for around 5-6 PTB, but I can't find the article anymore.The newer 970 I think died faster. These tests were done on 250-256GB drives, so larger drives would last longer. A more disappointing test is of a 600p that died at 100TBW, faster than the advertised 144TBW, but then again, these stress tests are not exactly realistic, as the drive is not idling at all and garbage collection might struggle on these conditions of fully written drives on a 100% continuous I/O stress.
    Gonna look for the newer test on NVMe drives, it's quite edifying. On a modern, brand drive like a Samsung Evo (250GB) you should be fine at least for 500TB and above.
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    I have replaced SSDs with PCIe Gen 4 quicker than i would wear them out. My SSDs are now used for either back ups or in external cases for archiving. I use 1TB Gen 4 Corsair MP600 NVMe for OS and DCS flight sim, a Gen 3 Samsung 970 Evo Plus 1TB NVM for my Steam Folder and a Samsung 860 QVO 1TB SSD for docs. Il get myself another Gen 4 NVMe drive to put the Steam stuff on and use the 970 for docs, the 860 will be for back ups as i cant be bother to remove it.
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    I'm using my SATA SSD's for games only, so according to my friend, my SSD's should last longer as I'm using them for static storage, no constant writing and rewriting.
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    At my usage rate, my SSD will be used up in 20 years...
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    The main problem is not a limited write resource(many ssd can actually exceed it limit and write more without faulting) but quality of controller and ram. PSU quality is also matter, hectic voltages and short circuit and ssd is fried.
    Also the firmware, many vendors set default setting and it`s fine but sometimes they tweak it and.. typical indian bad things happens - not so long ago was news that`s Hewlett Packard Enterprise sas ssd`s firmware has bug that completely brick ssd if its uptime exceed 32768 hours.. Crucial M4 few years ago had similar issues
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