SSD and HDD Woes

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Snoodles, Feb 23, 2011.

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    Out of frustration, I wanted to share:

    Newegg had a price of 275 for an OCZ 180GB SSD the other day, so I went for it although it was from the 25nm process, which seems to be getting bad press at the moment. It came yesterday, and I went to install it yesterday night. Plugged it all in and - nothing. Reseated the cables, and still it would not be recognized in BIOS. I tried as a USB drive, but windows didn't see it that way either.

    I knew I would have to RMA it with Newegg as DOA, so I closed everything up and restarted my computer one last time. By the time I smelled the burning, it was too late. My existing HDD decided to choose that exact moment to blow a circuit on its controller board. :bang:

    On the bright side of things, after I explained to my wife why our house smelled like burning plastics, she finally started to back up her important files to our NAS unit like I have been telling her to do for almost a year. She didn't realize just how quickly you could lose everything on a drive.

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