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    Hey, everyone. Alright, so I just recently got an SSD but I found out before I did that my mobo only supports SATA 3.0. So, I was considering buying a new motherboard because a little while back, my motherboard audio port's right channel had stopped working.. but now it has come back after I tested it the other day.

    So, to my question. Are there any good SATA 6.0 hard drive controllers that any of you guys would recommend? I've looked around on Newegg and Microcenter and I keep getting quite polarizing reviews, so it's hard to judge what's really good and what's not. Second, is it even worth it to bother with a controller? The thing costs anywhere from $20-$50, and at the $50 range, I feel like I should just keep going and get a new mobo. Thoughts? Thanks, guys.

    P.S. Have any of you gone from SATA 3.0 to SATA 6.0 and noticed a significant difference with an SSD besides the obvious numerical differences? Thanks.

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