"Sprites/640hud6.spr has been modified since starting engine" Getting this when playing Counterstrik

Discussion in 'Games, Gaming & Game-demos' started by Hiredgun1, Oct 15, 2001.

  1. Hiredgun1

    Hiredgun1 Guest

    and I am kicked out of the game and get this message, anyone ever heard of this before, got a fix????
  2. OpStar

    OpStar Guest

    look up that file in search and delete it, then when you connect you'll d/l the right one off the server.
  3. Sphinx

    Sphinx Guest

    did you try and install new sprites ?<br>
    common version problems that Valve has..<br>
  4. staff

    staff Guest

    Hey, i'm running into the same problem. I get an error saying that "*.spr has changed since engine was started" then i get booted out to the main menu. I've been playing CS for quite a while now and this just started happening. I'm blown away. I host LAN Parties for CS, what am i to do? MY COMPUTER CAN NOT BE DOWN DURING A LAN PARTY. How will I survive? First thought was delete the file and let it download the next time that I joined a server. Didn't help, at the change of the map I got the same error and was booted. It is usually the pistol or rifle smoke sprites. If anyone has any idea, I'd greatly appreciate it.<br>

  5. OpStar

    OpStar Guest

    find a friend who has working c/s and get the files from him.

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