Spire Curvature Ergonomic Keyboard

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Dec 15, 2014.

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    Ok, we've seen these a gazillion times eh ?  As part of our new ergonomic computing product line, Spire is rolling out products which will make your long hours of computing more comfortable and bet...

    Spire Curvature Ergonomic Keyboard
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    Ain't that the old Microsoft one? Its identical to one I had 5 -6years ago but its not black
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    Does look quite similar... but i guess you can't really make a traditional ergonomic keyboard look all that much different. Unless you go with some of those other insane designs they've released over the years.

    I really wish some company would make a more enthusiast-esque ergonomic keyboard. You know... something with mechanical switches. Hell... JUST mechanical switches and being ergonomic would probably be enough to have me sold. Loved my MS Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000. Used that thing for YEARS.
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    Though i'm a little confused, you stated you liked the 4000, was it mechanical? and if so, why not buy another?

  5. Ven0m

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    I had 2 of these (MS Natural 4000) and while they're kinda okayish (mmm, negative angle, great curvature, and soft writs rests), they have some issues. The keys are mounted on the angled pads, so the center is a little higher, and sides lower. While it improves the comfort, it requires special key mounts and cutoffs, which paired with rubber dome decrease the keyboard life expectation a lot. Effectively, pretty soon after purchase, the keys resistance starts to vary. Also, the space is tricky to use and gets jammed if not pressed at the perfect position and angle (you can get used to it easily, but again, it increases the war). It's also very wide, which is a non-issue unless you have to use mouse a lot, then you right hand goes sideways uncomfortably far. I'd rather have the numpad on the left side.

    There's a next version - Sculpt, but it's a total failure. While it seems to be even more comfortable, the keys tend to get stuck even just after the purchase.

    If MS made Natural 4000 / Sculpt with MX Blue/Brown, I'd probably grab it right away, but with their combination of rubber dome and angled keys, the long-term reliability suffers. Effectively, this post was done on Razer Blackwidow, which has standard layout, but after a longer period of usage, it's as good as on the 1st day.

    I was considering buying TEK, but there are some issues:
    1. The price is steep.
    2. The different layout would make me buy 2 of these - 1 for home, and 1 for office, making it a huge investment.

    TEK makes you question, why the hell almost all the keyboards have key rows skew, and not the grid layout, which is far more comfortable. There are no typewriter hammers to jam, so there's no need to keep the rows misaligned anymore.

    If you have greater budget and more desk space, you can go with Maltron. And Spire? It looks like a gimmick. I'm pretty much sure that any reasonable mechanical keyboard would be more comfortable.

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