Speakers For Herc Game Theatre XP

Discussion in 'Soundcards, Speakers HiFI & File formats' started by rocky-iom, May 18, 2001.

  1. rocky-iom

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    I am considering buying the Hercules Game Theatre XP, (pretty sure i'll be getting it in 6 weeks or so). What I want to know is could anyone reccomend a good speaker set to go with it please? preferably 6 speaker (centre, sub, 4 sattelites). I use my system (will be athlon @ 1.4ghz 768 ram) for gaming (quake3, cstrike etc.) and mp3's whilst working, i'm not wanting the absolute best setup, something moderately priced which gives good sound output even when reasonably loud<br>
    any advice / suggestions appreciated <IMG SRC="smileys/smile.gif"> <br>
    Paul / Rock<br>
  2. WeaZel

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    i'm tellin' ya you won't go rong with the klispch promedia v2-400.<br>
    get the new ones though that have the headphone+ some type of input for hookin' a walkman or somethin' up to the speakers. They aren't a 5.1(center/sub/4sattelites) setup but they are THX certified and I have the older version of them and they kick ass!! Extrememly loud. Do you watch DVD's on your pc? if not you don't need a 5.1 setup.

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