SpaceX Starlink satellite internet service first speeds listed

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    Our ISPs are Speedcast and Marlink we use rented antennas to reduce the cost of hardware as the price of the antenna easily reach 80K$ so we rent it even the indoor units like the ACU (antenna control unit)and the modem have a price tag 4000$ so if starlink has a good price plan and even the hardware cost is somehow low they will be the winner in this market
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    So never-the-less this can't be any worse than Hughes Net, which we have, and is awful with a very prohibitive data cap. Works when it wants to, always goes out when a storm is nearby.
    Our only other choice is 3.5mbit down speed DSL with 384kb/s up speed. The satellite lag is awful but once it gets going, it's pretty decent on a clear day, some 30mbit or so.

    There was JUNO free email, which would dial in, download your email, and boot you off. There was no http protocol or anything like that, just the smtp bits would go back and forth to their specific proprietary email service / program and that was it.
    There was also ZDial, which was 60$ a month 'lifetime' internet, which I had for a good year or so but it was never very fast. One payment for 60$ and it was yours. It was leaps and bounds better than AOL though so not a big deal if that's where you came from.
    I believe ZDial was out of Philly PA USA or somewhere close to/just north of there.
    Gave it a run for a good year until I got cable internet, and then gave it to a friend until it 'ran out' basically. They ended up going to 60$ a year plans for financial reasons, back in the late 90's this was still a reasonable deal.
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