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    I send a email to soyousa, asking about when they would release a soyo motherboard based on the i815/i815e chipset from intel.<BR>Thay answered they would release it on august, but they didn't specify if it will be 815 o 815e. If anybody knows which chipset the SY-7ISA uses, please tell me.
  2. Lucky for you I have a contact at SOYO:<P>Dear Hilbert,<P>On June 19th Intel officially released the long awaited 815 Chipset in two flavours.<BR>The 815 and 815E.<P>SOYO has introduced their first motherboard based on the 815 Chipset. The<BR>SY-7ISM is a Micro ATX motherboard and supports PC133 SDRAM and ATA 66/33<P>Below, you can find full details of this new motherboard. <P>SOYO has just announced its first motherboard based<BR>on Intel's 815 "Solano" Chipset. The SY-7ISM is based on the Intel 82815<BR>GMCH + 82801AA ICH. This new motherboard supports the fast ATA 66 Harddrive<BR>protocol as well as PC133 SDRAM and AGP 4X.<P><BR>Integrated Graphics<BR>Intel's 82815 GMCH has integrated 2D/3D Graphics supporting AGP 2X/1X mode.<BR>The features of the GMCH include Full 2D H/W acceleration; Motion Video<BR>Acceleration and support for 133 MHz System Memory. <BR>The SY-7ISM supports Graphics Performance Accelerator Cards to speed up<BR>Graphics performance by up to 30%.<P><BR>CPU Support<BR>The SY-7ISM supports the latest Intel FC-PGA Socket 370 Pentium III CPUs up<BR>to 933 MHz with both 133 MHz and 100 MHz bus speed. Apart from that the full<BR>Socket 370 Intel Celeron CPU range is supported with 66 MHz bus speed.<P><BR>Expansion Slots<BR>Next to the integrated graphics, the SY-7ISM has a separate AGP Slot<BR>supporting AGP 4X supporting the latest ad-on graphics cards.<BR>Further expansion possibilities are provided by 2 PCI Slots ( V2.2 compliant<BR>) plus one AMR Slot<BR>The 2 DIMM Slots support PC133 SDRAM up to 512 MB.<P><BR>Double Stack Back Panel I/O Connectors<BR>The double stack back panel offers a connector for both a PS/2 Mouse and<BR>Keyboard plus one D-sub 15 pin VGA Port, one serial port as well as one<BR>parallel printer port.<BR>Apart from that a connector for the second serial port is also provided on<BR>the motherboard.<P><BR>On-Board Audio Subsystem<BR>AC97 Software Audio Subsystem is provided for on the SY-7ISA. The Audio I/O<BR>Line in; Line out; MIC Jack and one Game Port are all on the Back Panel.<P><BR>SOYO AI - BIOS<BR>All new SOYO motherboards are equipped with the new SOYO Active Interception<BR>(AI) -BIOS.<BR>When flashing a BIOS the data are checked on four different points. If the<BR>information in the codes provided does not match with the actual information<BR>in the BIOS, overwriting will not proceed, thus protecting your system<BR>beforehand rather than having to resort to remedial measures.<P>

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