Soundcard - Asus Xonar D1 vs D2X

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    To keep it plain and simple: Up until now I've used mediocre headset with onboard audio, recently acquired some cash and with that I'm giving my computer a good audio upgrade.
    I'm getting the Sennheiser G4ME ZERO for my headset but concerning the sound card I felt a bit conflicted.

    D1: $75 but probably not as good

    D2: $165 but probably better

    Which should I get? Is the D2 well worth the extra money? Or is the difference only marginal and I should go with the D1 and save myself some money?
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    Both cards will offer tremendous upgrade over on-board card, but ... it's not that easy.

    I have D2X and I'd pick it over D1 every day, however you opted for some demanding cans. They're 150 ohm, which means you need a dedicated amp, or they'll sound like they cost 1/10 of the price you're going to pay or less. You will feel ripped off without amp. It's like buying great speakers and using a tiny amplifier. They will sound sluggish, like dipped in mud and put in a shoe box. So here are some options:

    Either - get some good card + a separate amp (I have such setup and it works even for less demanding headphones) or get a top-shelf card / external DAC with a built-in amp, eg Xonar STX series. This option may be cheaper and better sounding at the same time.

    Many of better cards also have replaceable opamps, which may sound like some kind of audiophile babble, but you may find some opamps reviews, pick ones that would sound better for you, and replace them in the future. They're not that expensive, and you don't have to do it anyway, as built-in ones are really good too.

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