sony's cinemotion explained?

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    i know cinemotion does a 3:2 pulldown and converts film that has been converted to video(30hz) back to 24hz. but what's the difference between auto 1 and auto 2?

    what should i set it to for 1080/24p blurays? what should i set it to for 720p and 1080i HDTV? what should i set it for 1080i blurays? from all the vague information that i've googled nothing really explains it all that well.

    i've just been keeping the setting at auto 2. from what i've been able to gather auto 1 applies a similar effect as motionflow what i do not like.

    is cinemotion even needed on 24p content? what does cinemotion do to 24p content since it does not need to have an inverse telecine applied?
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    It interpolates frames.
    I use SVP, its very good, playing video from my PC.

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