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Discussion in 'Consoles & console games' started by sony1978a, Jul 10, 2011.

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    I said it before and I will say again, for Sony to win the portable war they must add these futures to PSVITA.
    1- Built in HD tuner so we can watch the HD free to air TV on the go.
    2- Built in digital radio so we can listen to radio station not just mp3.internet radio cost too much data and $$ so that is not an option.
    3- APP store, like Apple, and Google android market, so we can download apps like face book Google earth, angry birds, and so on, etc.
    4- Built in turn by turn navigation, like tom-tom, and nav man, etc.
    5- Built in 8MP camera, with HD video recording.
    6- A good web browser, not like the crappie PSP browser.
    7- Must support the latest flash player, and java plug-in.
    Sony is only targeting gamers with PSVITA, in my opinion that’s a bad move.They must target everyone.
    I have a ps3 I hardly use it for games I got it for bluray and playtv futters and PSN videos store.
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    They want too keep it tight to avoid people playing homebrew games or emulators which are free, to make game sales higher. little by little they will add new features, but its going to be always closed. just look at the PSP scene, they have cracked every firmware, but Sony still doesn't open their hardware.
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    I'd say the complete opposite, if I buy a Vita it is to play games on the go properly, I enjoy things like angry birds on the iPhone just fine but the lack of buttons means I'll never take it seriously as a gaming choice.

    So basically all I want in my Vita is plenty of power, good dual analogue sticks and a great screen, throw in plenty support from developers and I am happy, do not dilute these things by adding crap like tv tuners, radio tuners, gps etc
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    I'd say there's probably only one more generation of handhelds before we just do it all on our phones.

    In fact, kind of surprised Sony didn't decide to do it with this generation, but I guess they felt the tech was all there, it would just be too difficult to bring it all together.

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    Our market never has really wanted that at all.
    I could be wrong, but the 3g plans for the Psvita through AT&T aren't capped. Pandora is free, I <3 Radio, etc etc.
    There's the PS store, it's up to the developers of the app if they want to push these apps, and then for Sony to approve them.
    I don't believe the PSVita has GPS.
    I don't really think a lot of people care about this in a portable device.
    Looking at the specs, it should have a decent browser.
    Of course it'll support java, but flash player is totally up for Adobe to decide.
    Probably because the PSVita is a handheld game console, all of what you're asking for is basically a smart phone without talk and text. They did fine with the PSP by targeting gamers, as other companies did in the past.
    The PS3 is an entertainment system, you're using it for what it's made to be. Plus things that you want in a console does not equal out to what everyone else wants in a console.

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