Sony PS4 production cost estimated at $381

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Nov 21, 2013.

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    I may be wrong here but I am pretty sure that at no point during the console wars has the outright most powerful console ever gone on to be the outright market winner. The console that has won has usually been the one with the games to back it up, back in the day that came down to console exclusives now with most games being multi platform and most multi platforms being coded for the least powerful system before being ported it doesn't make much sense to spend extra cash on a more powerful system.
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    In recent gen its the system that came out first that usual came out on top.

    PS2 came out year or so before xbox did? Xbox was more powerful, PS2 won and was lead development platform that gen cause it had the install base.

    Xbox360 came out year befor PS3 was less powerful and easier to develop for then PS3 too. As a result of it being out long it pretty much won as almost all multi platform games where lead developed on the 360.

    Only time this patter didnt happen is the dreamcast, it was just as powerfull as the ps2 came out before the ps2 but it went way of dodo bird despite it be a very good system.

    We have never had the top consoles makers release there consoles with in a week of each others there usual been year or more gap in between them.

    Seeing both system are pretty much using PC architectural damn near same specs CPU/GPU/RAM wise short of little difference game development difficulty shouldnt be an issue, it should come down to which has the games the people want and which has fastest install result on who win from development lead stand point.
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    The Dreamcast wasn't as powerful as the PS2. It wasn't too far behind though. That system had numerous issues though, mostly due to how Sega acted in the past with regards to the Saturn. Not to mention the PS2 hype train was just too strong.
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    For me the advertising of the dreamcast in England was utter crap, if only they showed the graphics of games like quake 3, soul caliber, Ferrari 355 ect ect instead of people getting there hair cut it might have been a different outcome, but the ps2 had a dvd drive and that must have helped.

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