Sonic Forces

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    Sonic Forces has been released on november 7th, 7 years after Sonic Generations. :D

    Sonic Forces on Steam

    I'll buy it maybe in this week!! <3 :D
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    I've got it on Switch and it's 30 FPS uneven frame-pacing, 720p with poor LOD and texture quality. It's absolutely horrendous. I knew it'd be bad but this is some next-level s**t. Or... "previous level"? It's horribly unoptimized running identically docked vs. non-docked which is just inexcusable. I now wish I'd gotten it on PC instead. There's a decent game hiding in this but the horrible physics, level-design piled ON TOP of terrible performance? THAT'S NO GOOD. IMO a way too high price in the name of portability. A portable turd is still a turd.

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