Some "basic" radeonpro questions I've never found the answers to...

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    I'm not new to RadeonPro, but I haven't used it much. In fact, the bulk of my use is using it to apply dynamic vsync to a couple of games.

    Now, though, I'm afraid I've been using it wrong, even if only making this small adjustment. So, hopefully someone can clear a couple things up for me.

    Out of the box, fresh install, does the Radeonpro global settings automatically overwrite the settings in CCC? In other words, if I changed a couple of the settings in global right now, will it overwrite those in CCC?

    Say I've added a profile for BF4 and the only thing I want to use it for is to turn on dynamic vsync. If I change none of the other settings, will the global settings be used for these (aside from the vsync setting). Strangely enough, there are some settings that seem to be different than the global settings despite the fact that I did not change them. Is that something to worry about?

    What does a checkbox with a smaller square in it mean? In other words, it's not checked, and it's not empty. For instance, when creating my BF4 profile, I have these square blips in "Force Triple-Buffering", "Anisotropic optimization", "Trilinear optimization" and "Enable surface format optimization". Why is there any marked in the boxes, period, if they're off in the global profile?

    When I create a new profile (BF4 keeps doing it when I delete it and add it back), some settings in the global profile change for no good reason. What am I missing here? The best example is "Texture Filtering Quality". When I delete all profiles, and reset global back to defaults, it shows this setting set to "Quality". This matches CCC as its default is "standard". Then, as soon as I create my BF4 profile, the same setting (in global mind you) changes to "high quality"! So what's with the changing when I create my BF4 profile?

    If I delete a profile for a game, and then add the profile again later for the same game, does it keep any of the previous settings, or is it a fresh start?

    I think that's it FOR NOW. There are probably more that I'm forgetting. :( I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed due to the issues I've listed.

    Thank you.

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