[Solutions] How to Half Refresh Rate / Half Vsync / Double Vsync on Radeon

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    A lot of people asking half refresh rate / double vsync on radeon.
    I hope this post can help you
    Sorry for bad english

    There is 4 ways to achieve half/double refresh vsync on radeon:

    1. Riva Tuner Statistic Server (RTSS) scanline sync x/2.
    This is the best solution, super smooth console equivelent 30fps experience (on 60hz display) but with super low input lag far better than console) :

    • Install RTSS (or MSI afterburner with RTSS bundled)
    • open RTSS
    • Click scanline sync text until it shows scanline sync x/2 then put 1 (positive number)
    • run game
    • done

    (i know rtss sc x/2 is designed to be used with vsync disabled, but enabling in game vsync eliminate all occasional tearing with minimal extra input lag)

    2. SpecialK
    Presentation interval 2 (double/half vsync)
    This solution add high input lag :

    • donload and extract latest specialK (https://discourse.differentk.fyi)
    • rename SpecialK64.dll to dxgi.dll
    • copy dxgi.dll to same game .exe directory
    • run game (then close the game) to automatically create dxgi.ini file in same directory
    • change steam log to false in dxgi.ini file
    • run game
    • press ctrl + shift + back space to open specialK gui
    • Find and change the parameter PresentationInterval to 2
    • done

    3. Radeon Pro (old solution only work on dx11 games) :

    • download and install radeon pro
    • open radeon pro
    • on tweaks tab change vsync control to Always On (Double Vsync)
    add game .exe to radeon pro
    • launch game
    • done

    4. FRTC (Frame Rate Target Control)
    Yes this is not true half/double vsync, but consistent and accurate frame pacing deliver smooth half vsync effect (especially on freesync premium LFC enabled monitor).
    FRTC far more better and stable fps than radeon chill. Radeon chill also broke freesync.
    RDNA2 card has this option available. Just change fps target on radeon crimson gui.

    Older radeon card :
    • Open Registry Editor
    • Browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class{4d36e968-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318}
    • Expand the folder and select 0000
    • Scroll down to KMD_FRTEnabled and change it to 1
    • Change KMD_MaxFrameRateRequested to the value you want your FPS to target in hex (hexadecimal). Set 30fps for 60hz display has same effect as half refresh rate
    • done
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