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Solution to poor gf4 performance

Discussion in 'Links' started by McDeth, Jul 5, 2002.

  1. Emile

    Emile Active Member

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    GS7800, GF FX5200
    Enable AliAGP

    Hello SammyBoy,
    I did apply your tip on my GF4 TI4600 on an Abit Intel MB, it works fine !
    Any other recommendations ?:)
  2. InfiniteNothing

    InfiniteNothing Member Guru

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    Missing Info about Ali AGP

    The Rivatuner "Enable ALI AGP" tips work fine for me +2000pts for 3Dmark2k1se. But i get this boost only after i update my "AliAgp driver" direct from ALI WEB PAGE and i update my MOBO bios too. Those 3 lil detail fix all my Videocard problem since the 40.72 driver set... well i hope this can help few guys here :D
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2003
  3. mj8181

    mj8181 Member

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    Sapphire Radeon X800Xl Ultimate Pci-e
    yeh, that is working great for people with ali, but for all of us that got other chipsets that of course doesn´t work.
    As far as i know, the AGP acceleration is enabled by default on my computer, i850 chipset.

    V_LESTAT Maha Guru

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    PNY XLR8 GTX280
    AGP Acceleration is 1x 2x 4x and 8x(for those with newer boards)

    its just plain stupid for someone to recommend that you turn a 4x agp board down to 2x as you'll be lucky if you can even play any of the games from the last couple of years. and in fact may possibly end up getting error messages saying that the game cannot find a compatable video card because it needs 4x to run.

    on the other hand, its fine and to turn an 8x agp board down to 4x simply beacuse 8x is NOT even really 8x its more like 5x. and 8x at this time is very unstable.

  5. Spud211

    Spud211 Guest

    Well the solution kinda works for me, ive got an Ali Chipset and an asus GF4 ti4200 128 meg, the only prob is that it makes my PC very very unstable, it crashes seconds after starting any game when i use the tweak. After investigating the Ali website it appears that the tweak enables AGP texture accelleration, hence the big speed boost. i can run the 1st test in 3d mark and i see a 50 fps increase in that test, but it crashes on the second

    Anyone have an idea on how to fix this problem, the boot would be great if my PC didnt crash when using it. Ive tried 3 diff Ali AGP drivers, and 5 diff detonators but nothin works
  6. CsLoSeR619

    CsLoSeR619 Member

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    Gigabyte 7900GS @
    Well to start off i seem to be having fps problems and such on games like Planetside (beta) and the newer games. On my 3dmark test i got a 6555 with defualt settings....i kno this is low when compared to others scores...Im really not sure whats wrong could anyone help me get my gf4 up and running with the big boys?
  7. renegade150

    renegade150 Guest

    will turning on that button increase performence on my videocard? (on the side)

    V_LESTAT Maha Guru

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    PNY XLR8 GTX280
    6555,, sounds like my old scores before i tweaked the card with nvhardpage.
    also your biggest problem is that Intel D850EMV2 motherboard you have the intel 850 chipsets SUCK MAJOR A$$!!!! the 850 i had is about the worst motherbpoard for performance i have ever owned.
    grab an 845 or your better off actually grabbing a nice asus board.
    i can just about guarentee it will run WAY WAY faster.
    try the card in a buddies machine that is different from yours. i bet it runs better.
  9. Exucide

    Exucide Guest

    no... i have an intel845 chipset and i have the same problem

    all intel chipsets blow.
  10. CsLoSeR619

    CsLoSeR619 Member

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    Gigabyte 7900GS @
    I would get a good asus board but i cant find one that supports RDRAM because thats what I have now...i can sell it and buy DDR but iono...

  11. tigertailz

    tigertailz Guest

    /sigh geforce 4400Ti 128M (V8440).....getting a shocking 1500 on 3d bench test :/

    i have all the latest drivers for my asus A7S333 mobo (via 4in1 and mobo bios) reinstalled AGP driver..

    have 768M DDR....

    have the 44.03 drivers....tried the new 'beta' one but same deal

    cannot shift it over 1500 :(

    any help gratefully recieved :D
  12. GooferZz

    GooferZz Guest

    i have detonator 44,03 driver installed and rivatuner cannot find a matched database, i tried with the nvidia WHQL Certified drivers 30,82 (couldn't find any other), but this one does not recognise my 3d card (gf4ti4800)
    what to do?
    thnx in advance ;)
  13. GooferZz

    GooferZz Guest

    @ tigertailz, if the 3d bench u have tested your system with is 3d mark 03, it gives a very bad idea, try ut2003 flyby or 3d mark2001, much more reliable
  14. mikesmoove49

    mikesmoove49 Guest

    what drivers work with the rivatuner
    cuss everytime i install and one it doesnt work i tried 29 up to 45 and i have a geforce fx 5900 ultra
  15. Cyberdan3

    Cyberdan3 Member

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    PNY 8800GT 512MB
    Where can you get the newest drivers for the motherboard. I went to their website but could not find help. If i got my computer a year ago christmas, would there be new better drivers out? Would these drivers just make the computer boot up faster or make it more stable? Also, how do I know which motherboard i have....? Thanks for answering these stupid questions.

  16. Oldtima

    Oldtima Guest

    Hi my gf4 cant handle RTCW (fps). I think i got the problem down to in properties it says its only running at x2 agp when it is a 8x card and im sure my motherboard supports 8x also.
    However my bios doesnt seem to have any agp options!
    Anyone got any clue how to change this, i have read a lot of the other posts on here where some people getting similiar problems do i need rivatuner or something..?
  17. MoonRipper

    MoonRipper Guest

    Hi, Im new to this forum and Im kinda noobish when it comes to hardware.

    I have AMD 2100+ thoughrbred B, 256 DDR333, and an MSi Ti4200 8x 128 on a MSi K7N2 mobo model MS-6570

    I flashed my Bios lately through an automated MSI program.
    After i formatted my HD, I noticed problems with my PC performance which some of them I fixed when I realised my CPU was running as a 1500+ (it was on 100hz instaed of 133 in bios)

    Now I think my PC is messed up because :
    3dMARK 2003 runs even worse than before
    and some other low performance stuff i noticed in games

    I loaded the 3Dmark2003 display info and it says the following nottable things about my chipset:

    Model MS-6570
    BIOS Vendor Phoenix Technologies, LTD
    BIOS Version 6.00 PG
    BIOS Release Date 08/12/2003
    BIOS Properties Plug and Play, Flash, AGP
    Revision 3.0
    Rate 4x, 8x (4x enabled)
    Available Rate 0x0000000c
    Selected Rate 0x00000004
    Aperture Size 0 B
    Sideband Addressing supported (disabled)
    Fast Write supported (disabled)

    1. Is sideband addresing disabled normal ? if not how do I change it ?
    2. Is fast write disabled normal ? how can i enable it if not ?
    3 Agp rate 4x enabled ? Isnt that wrong since my GC and my Mobo support 8x ?? How do I change that ?

    From bios I changed AGP apperture size to 128 (it was 64) . Did I **** up? Do i need to put it to 64 again ?

    I cant describe how grateful i will be on any help you could give me . . . I am trully desperate and disappointed by PCs in general as of now :(

    Thank you in advance

    P.S. What scores I should be gettin in 3dmark2002 and 3dmark2003 with this system ? any Ideas ?
    P.S2. I have rivatuner but havent used it cause I didnt understood it.
  18. Dr. Vodka

    Dr. Vodka Ancient Guru

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    Sapphire R9 290 Tri-X
    dunno about that moonripper, but the solution in the first post works for me!!!
  19. Mick-S

    Mick-S New Member

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    should the graphics apeture size be the same as your cards, have a GForce 4 ti4600 128mb, in the bios it`s set to 256, also in this thread, there was something about IRQs, my graphics card is on the same one as my soundblaster live, just like to know if any of the above could be holding things back and if so how do I change them.
    any help very much appreciated. Mick-S
  20. nieXas

    nieXas New Member

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    NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 440 with AGP8X 128MB
    Ok i have

    AMD Athlon™ XP 2700+, 2162MHz, 256KB
    256MB DDR400 Mhz RAM
    NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 440 with AGP8X 128MB
    80GB HardDrive
    Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 2 (5.1 - 2600)

    I have used many drivers...
    But in Counter-Strike 1.6 it is 99FPS (cool)
    But if someone throw sg (smokegrenade) i get only 20-40 FPS :\

    Antialiasing OFF
    Anisotropic filtering Aplication-Controlled
    Image Settings Performance
    Vertical Sync OFF

    What to do ?! How to get more fps in smoke

    Also the same problem with AGP2x MAX OS

    Last edited: Apr 2, 2005

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