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Discussion in 'RivaTuner Advanced Discussion forum' started by 3DGunnar, Apr 4, 2003.

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    Hi all!

    I've tried to softmod my sapphire 9700np to firegl x1 with rivatuner. Everything seems to work ok, but when I use 3DSMAX5, the default benchmarks show no improvement. The wireframe scenes work faster than before, but geom-scenes, dual planes, blitting... work a lot slower compared to direct3d. I've seen some huge improvements using these drivers, but I'm not getting even close?!?!?!

    I've tried uninstalling the previous cat-drivers before installing FireGL, but no change.

    Could some-one post some benchmarking, so I could compare?
    (3DSMAX benchmarks)

    MSI 845PE Max
    Intel P4 2.66
    Sapphire 9700 np
    1 gig DDR

    Thanks in advance!
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    I think it’s the same problem, and it appears to have something to do with Sapphire Radeon 9700 np, that’s my, yours and Flax card.

    Please Unwinder, if you have the opportunity to hands-on a card like that (Sapphire Radeon 9700 np with the red board and the ATI fan) and have the time, and the need, please make some tests with Maya 4.5 and a 1.000.000+ poly count scene, and try to interact with it to see if it don’t lose hardware acceleration.

    Thanx any one how try this on any card, and post results.
  4. 3DGunnar

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    Thanks for the replys!

    I still wish someone would post some benchmarks (MAX5 of 4)
    'couse I'm not all that shure how fast the FireGL should be?!?

    Here's some results:
    All the benchmarks are done with 1280*1024*32 with default D3D and OGL settings.
    Note! If I turn down the OGL settings to max-performance, some of the FireGL fps's get a lot higher!

    SoftFireGL X1:

    4views: 20fps
    geom1: 27fps
    geom2: 14,5fps
    wireframe2: 15,8fps
    rasterize: 83fps
    textured2: 26,6fps
    multitex: 1,9fps
    dualplanes: 85,7fps
    blitting: 85,2fps
    transparency: 38,5fps


    4views: 91fps
    geom1: 120fps
    geom2: 99fps
    wireframe2: 3fps
    rasterize: 175fps
    textured2: 28,5fps
    multitex: 1,9fps
    dualplanes: 406fps
    blitting: 375fps
    transparency: 55fps


    4views: 15,8fps
    geom1: 10,3fps
    geom2: 7,2fps
    wireframe2: 4,5fps
    rasterize: 129fps
    textured2: -
    multitex: 1,9fps
    dualplanes: 145fps
    blitting: 136fps
    transparency: 29fps

    Conclusion?: What's the point of using FireGL of OGL if D3D is that much faster!?!? Only the wireframe-scenes show a significant increase... (If that's important to you, go for the FireGL...)

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    C3D X800 GTO @ XT800 (580/580)
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